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Discover insights faster and communicate more effectively with interactive notebooks for data analysis, visualization, and exploration.
data  interactive  visualization  notebook  javascript  d3  dataviz  js  webapp  internet  via:pinboard 
yesterday by Spark
Harmonia: An interactive utopian tale
It was a beautiful world, but it was not your world. An entry in the 2017 Interactive Fiction Competition.
fiction  interactive  interactivefiction  hci  book  design 
yesterday by parabola
The history of connection - webgl interactive
Archivio Storico TIM: Welcome to “The History of Connection”, the widest online communication archive in Europe. Discover and try the technologies that made them possible.
webgl  WebDesign  interactive 
2 days ago by amason
Predator and Prey interactive notebook
A brilliant example of what's possible with an interactive text book
data  science  visualisation  interactive  javascript 
3 days ago by garrettc
Jheronimus Bosch - the Garden of Earthly Delights
Lovely, simple interactive audio guide / tour of the Garden of Earthly Delights
interactive  inspiration  art  history  museums  narrative  storytelling 
3 days ago by dmje

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