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Sapping Attention: The history of looking at data visualizations
The standards for data visualization being good change seem to change over time. Preferred color schemes, preferred geometries, and standards about the use of things like ideograms change over time. But, although styles change, the justifications for styles are frequently cast in terms of science or objective rules.
So you might think that I'm just saying: the style changes, but the science of perception remains the same. That's kind of true: but what's interesting about thinking historically about data visualization is that the science itself changes over time, so that both what's stylistically desirable and what a visualization's audience has the cognitive capacity to apprehend changes over time. Studies of perception can tap into psychological constants, but they also invariable hit on cultural conditioning.
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yesterday by mayonissen
Urban Friction: An Elegy | Stripe Partners
Faced with designing product or service interactions it’s easy to think that making things easy is the way to go. But we should also think about what friction adds to an interaction. There are risks involved in taking friction out. Friction is not always inefficiency – in fact it’s quite the opposite. Friction is the opportunity to interact, to relate to others, to make meaning and create value.

We dispense with friction at our peril.
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yesterday by mayonissen
Lingo stores all brand assets online, for easy organization and sharing across teams. Should facilitate consistent use of icons, logos, colors, etc.
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4 days ago by hirnsieb
Max Weisel | Kyoorius Designyatra on Vimeo
On the transitionary periods between different UI leaps.
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22 days ago by jalderman
Creativity, Persistence and Working Memory | Psychology Today
recommended by Dan Saffer, as relevant to discussion about IxD skill in generating many options/ ideas, and holding multiple UI states in mind at the same time in order to work through options & issues.
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23 days ago by danielameleo

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