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The death of interactive infographics? – Dominikus Baur – Medium
Hyperbolic title, but good pointers on explorable explanations and interactive dataviz.
design  interactiondesign  infovis 
3 days ago by jalderman
SVA MFA Interaction Design
The MFA in Interaction Design program trains students to research, analyze, prototype, and design concepts in their business, social, and cultural contexts.
interaction  ixd  design  classes  interactiondesign  nyc  mfa  school 
5 days ago by eugenexxv
A Beginner’s Guide to Voice UX Prototyping - Designmodo
As voice technology becomes more and more prominent, we’ll need to design more and more voice apps.
In this post, I will go over a general overview for those who are unfamiliar with voice prototyping. It’s not a complicated process but it is a little different than the typical UI prototyping we often do for website or app.
voice  uidesign  speech  conversation  interactiondesign  interaction  Alexa  Siri  Prototyping  dialog 
9 days ago by gwippich
DesignOps Handbook - DesignBetter.Co
Dave Malouf and friends on operationalizing workflow and process to scale design.
design  operations  ux  interactiondesign  informationarchitecture 
12 days ago by jalderman
Supernova Studio | The World's First Design to Code Platform
Accelerate your app development workflow
Leverage a functional interface, not prototypes
Collaborate and innovate as a team.
onlinetool  Prototyping  converter  interactiondesign  no-code 
12 days ago by gwippich
Immersive Math
Interactive textbook on linear algegra!
math  ocw  coding  3d  opengl  interactiondesign 
17 days ago by jalderman

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