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Mirroring to Build Trust in Digital Assistants
We describe experiments towards building a conversational digital assistant that considers the preferred conversational style of the user. In particular, these experiments are designed to measure whether users prefer and trust an assistant whose conversational style matches their own. To this end we conducted a user study where subjects interacted with a digital assistant that responded in a way that either matched their conversational style, or did not. Using self-reported personality attributes and subjects' feedback on the interactions, we built models that can reliably predict a user's preferred conversational style.
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10 days ago by sachaa
Postdigital - Ecole normale supérieure
A project lead by Béatrice Joyeux-Prunel & Grégory Chatonsky, Ecole normale supérieure.

Postdigital invites researchers, young or more experts, in human sciences or « hard » sciences, to question themselves in the company of artists and digital practitioners on what digital is doing in the contemporary era.
MIDtheory  Theory  philosophy  Sustainability  InteractionDesign 
24 days ago by chrstphggnrd / Sell Out With Me
Discussions about quitting, burnout, selling out, going corporate, "brand side," and more.
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26 days ago by chrstphggnrd
Thinking in Triplicate – Mule Design Studio – Medium
Value to the user is qualitative. Value to the business is quantitative. In order to make holistic decisions, you have to create a representation that makes that translation. Talking about value in the abstract does this. A business gets value and meaning expressed in money (or fungible equivalent). A user gets value expressed in a mental state, in meaning.

The interface between a business and its customers used to just be…other people. The design of those—to the extent it was possible—fell to education, training, a handbook, and a dress code. Now, that interface can truly be specified, which makes it hard to get right, but easy to scale.

When you are making design decisions about complex systems, it’s easy to get lost in the details. It’s also comforting to focus on getting the details right while ignoring the larger implications.

You can’t document a path to the future. That, you have to imagine.

a person is not a customer without the business and a company isn’t a business without the customer, we seem to lack a way to put them together without making a giant unfun hairball that doesn’t clarify the relationship.
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27 days ago by mayonissen

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