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4 Tiny Trends in Applying Animations - Designmodo
With interaction design showing up pretty much everywhere, animation is finally being perceived not only as a tool for entertaining visitors but as an instrument for improving the user experience. From tiny dynamic effects that enliven parts of the UI to huge animations that are used as means of communication, the internet is jam-packed with various solutions.
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20 days ago by gwippich
Bulletin — Buckley Williams
"Satisfyingly generic."
“Small batch monogamous AI”
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23 days ago by mayonissen
Transforming Grounds: The Basic Anatomy of Interaction
"The basic elements of the anatomy of interaction are artifact and user." ~
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26 days ago by BogieZero
Rethinking interface assumptions in AR: selecting objects – Google Play Apps & Games – Medium
Our unexpected results testing direct and indirect object selection in augmented reality

This article is for beginner developers playing with AR, especially those interested in basic user interface research. We’ll explore one of the most fundamental user actions: selection.
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6 weeks ago by oliverw

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