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New CNCs Take Cues from Intuitive Smartphone Era - Advanced Manufacturing
It strongly argues for accessible, attractive user interfaces that give users the feeling that they can master the machine – also, because they are expecting ease of use similar to their private devices such as iPhones.

In the article, a representative of Okuma seems to be the main source of information. So we hear the competition speaking but it also shows that the machine manufacturing industry is investing into more user friendly interfaces.
Fanuc's new user interface is also reviewed.

It points out that design goes beyond the visual appearance to how things work together, even how to work with G-Code at the machine. Complexity will become even more an issue when we think about systems integration. Developing a (user) interface that allows to master this complexity is a challenge but also a huge opportunity.
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UX Archive
iOS based design patterns and best practice apps, sorted by tasks such as "onboarding", "login", etc.
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