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Building a Princess Saving App (PDF)
Deck and speaker notes from a talk on how to build learning and fun into your applications.
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9 days ago by eugenexxv
Hysteresis - Wikipedia
Times when the state of the UI intentionally lags behind the apparent user input. For example, a menu that was drawn in response to a mouse-over event may remain on-screen for a brief moment after the mouse has moved out of the trigger region and the menu region. This allows the user to move the mouse directly to an item on the menu, even if part of that direct mouse path is outside of both the trigger region and the menu region.
16 days ago by pablomaronas
Progressive WebXR
The promise of WebXR is having web pages work in 2D, and across the full range of AR and VR devices. What does it mean to build Progressive XR apps?
webvr  webxr  virtualreality  augmentedreality  mixedreality  webdev  development  ux  interactiondesign 
20 days ago by sachaa
Overcast 4.1 now available –
Both are subtle but noticeable benefits (my favorite kind), especially when you’re being interrupted a lot, such as while following turn-by-turn navigation directions.
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5 weeks ago by mayonissen

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