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US survey says shoppers want less automation, more human interaction with customer service
"The report revealed that, despite misconceptions of robots taking over, consumers still want human interaction while navigating digital assets. What’s more, they don’t expect, nor want technology to replace real people. It’s true consumers are open-minded about using technology like chatbots that save time and make life easier. But they still trust humans to help solve more complex problems and make experiences such as online shopping, filling a prescription or making a bank deposit — more enjoyable."
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an experimental piece of interaction based partly on a total misunderstanding of Stephen Hawking’s A Brief History of Time.
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Adaptive Systems group at microsoft MSR
The Adaptive Systems and Interaction group pursues advances in principles of intelligence and interaction and applications of these advances to enhance computational systems and interfaces. The team includes groups exploring foundations of sensing, learning, and decision making, search and retrieval, and human-computer interaction.
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2 days ago by tswaterman
The User Experience of Chatbots
Far from being ‘intelligent’, today’s chatbots guide users through simple linear flows, and our user research shows that they have a hard time whenever users deviate from such flows.
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4 days ago by atran
Programming as interaction: A new perspective for programming language research - Tomas Petricek
In programming research, we say a lot about programs and languages, but very little
about the actual process of programming. One simple trick that will make programming language
research significantly more interesting is to think about programs not as expressions, but as
a result of a sequence of interactions that create it. This includes usual things such as
writing code and refactoring, but if we also include, say, running a part of the program,
we become capable of saying many mo...
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4 days ago by ritzlea
Keep Your Meetings On Track With This Meeting Timer
Creating an agenda is one of the most important things you can do to prep for a meeting, but all that planning only works if you stick to that schedule. Timeblocks is a website that can help make that happen.

With the site, you enter in each meeting topic as well as the number of minutes you have allotted to discuss that topic to create your own meeting-specific timer.
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15 days ago by jonippolito

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