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À combien l’État évalue le coût de la surveillance d'une personne par un FAI ? - Politique - Numerama
Le gouvernement a fait publier au Journal officiel un arrêté fixant le barème destiné à rembourser les fournisseurs d'accès à Internet, les opérateurs et les prestataires de services Internet qui mettent en œuvre, à sa demande, des techniques de renseignement.
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2 days ago by whilelm
YouTube -- Freedomain Radio: S**THOLE COUNTRIES
'The mainstream media is in a uproar after President Donald Trump allegedly referred to “s**thole” countries during an immigration related policy discussion. Stefan Molyneux looks at history of competing scientific theories, the differences between Haiti and the Dominican Republic, and the importance of looking at the science of Intelligence disparities to have an informed discussion.' -- Shitholes by Average Intelligence
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5 days ago by adamcrowe
What Is It Like to Be a Bee? - Atlas Obscura
Think of all the other things able to perform complicated tasks that we’re pretty sure aren’t conscious. Robots do everything from juggle to play the piano, but, as far as we know, are “dark” inside. Like bees, Roomba vacuum cleaners make decisions, navigate around the world, and adapt—but there’s probably nothing it’s “like” to be one of them. And plants have been shown to have a kind of memory: Over time, for example, they can learn that being repeatedly dropped isn’t anything to freak out about. But few suggest they possess consciousness.

“I think this is one of the problems with the behavioral approach, is that it encourages this looking for very clever things,” says Klein. “Whereas if consciousness is a widespread phenomenon, you should expect that it might be in a lot of different types of things that don’t necessarily do the things that we take to be markers of consciousness.”.

If behavior can’t enough tell us about the inner life of a bee, perhaps the structure of their sesame seed–sized brains can. In a human brain, key studies suggest consciousness lies in the midbrain, an evolutionarily much older section. In a study published last year, Barron and Klein investigated the structure of the bee brain, which seems to be made up of similar bits to our own, with a region responsible for similar tasks. “It’s smaller, it’s organized differently, it’s different-shaped, but if you look at the kind of computations it does, it’s doing the same sort of things as the midbrain,” Klein says. “So if you think in humans the midbrain is responsible for being conscious, and you think this is doing the same kind of thing, then you ought to think insects are conscious as well.”

This biological approach opens up consciousness to a variety of other organisms that don’t do the clever things that bees do, like beetles or potato bugs. They might be less obviously interesting, but that doesn’t make them less likely to be conscious. The technology that allows us to examine insect brains on a neuron-by-neuron level is very new, Barron says. “If they really are instinctive, then we’re learning something about what the insect brain is capable of. If they’re not, then we’re learning something more profound.”

The technology also allows us to map the brains of organisms that we think probably aren’t conscious, and assess what they lack.
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5 days ago by shannon_mattern
CIA Alleged Cocaine Sales, Oct 23 1996 | Video |
Committee members heard testimony from experts and current administration officials concerning accusations by several members of Congress and others that the CIA sold drugs to U.S. citizens in the 1980s in order to finance covert operations against the Sandinista regime in Nicaragua.
Church  Committee  CIA  C-SPAN  Intelligence 
6 days ago by jackthebuttholeripper
Russian spies in SF
Details of intelligence activities at the now-closed consulate in San Francisco
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6 days ago by nelson

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