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A Secret Server for the Dead MMO 'City of Heroes' Has Players in an Uproar
smh, kinda weird scenario - unclear if actually had valid concerns or just wanted to keep exclusive
gaming  games  copyright  intellectual  property 
6 weeks ago by teffalump
The State of Intellectual History | Society for US Intellectual History
"American Labyrinth: Intellectual History for Complicated Times. Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press, 2018, and The Worlds of American Intellectual History. New York: Oxford University Press, 2017."
books  review  intellectual  historiography 
7 weeks ago by tsuomela
Do Trigger Warnings Actually Work?
A well-balanced, apolitical look at trigger warnings. Worth reading if you’re interested in the topic
psychology  intellectual 
10 weeks ago by trvrplk
Modernitys Spell - The New Atlantis
"Credulity: A Cultural History of U.S. Mesmerism By Emily Ogden"
book  review  intellectual  history  credulity  belief  rationality  18c  19c 
11 weeks ago by tsuomela

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