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Yeah, Apple is probably building a modem • DIGITS to DOLLARS
Jay Goldberg:
<p>the fact that the modem team is just now moving likely means that their modem effort is still fairly nascent. There is a lot of work to be done here, especially in building out support for older wireless standards. Any modem today has to support all the existing cellular standards going back to 2G GSM/GPRS/EDGE. That is a time-consuming process. Moreover, to be competitive, Apple’s modem will have to build 5G capabilities. If they are starting from scratch, it is hard to see them finishing all of that in less than a year, even at an incredible sprint. Admittedly, Apple is always full of surprises, so they probably have some clever shortcut that escapes us mere mortals, but even still, it is pretty unlikely that next year’s (2020) iPhone would have an Apple modem.

Second, this is bad news for Intel who is currently the sole source supplier for iPhone modems. Apple has been long rumored to be working on its own laptop CPU to replace Intel, and now it seems Apple is also designing out the Intel modem. We suspect that Intel will still provide something to Apple’s modem, perhaps some form of IP license or sale of software libraries to speed up the development. There is also an outside chance that Apple just buys Intel’s modem team. We have no idea if this is happening, but it would certainly speed up the hiring for Apple’s modem team.

Third, there is a possibility that this is an Apple head fake of some sort. Why did this story leak now and who leaked it? Reuters only cites “two people familiar with the move”. This does not sound like an Apple employee. The author, Stephen Nellis, covers Apple and Qualcomm, and seems to have a pretty broad contact network. So one scenario is that Apple directly leaked this story, probably as a way of ratcheting up the pressure on Qualcomm, any means necessary for World War Patents. Another scenario is that Apple’s modem team has gotten big enough that keeping it secret is just not possible anymore.</p>
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5 days ago by charlesarthur
Sensor Technologies - Healthcare, Wellness and Environmental Applications | Michael J. McGrath | Apress
Sensor Technologies: Healthcare, Wellness and Environmental Applications explores the key aspects of sensor technologies, covering wired, wireless, and discrete sensors for the specific application domains of healthcare, wellness and environmental sensing.  It discusses the social, regulatory, and design considerations specific to these domains.
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9 days ago by dunc
Intel® Power Gadget | Intel® Software
Intel® Power Gadget is a software-based power usage monitoring tool enabled for Intel® Core™ processors (from 2nd Generation up to 7th Generation Intel® Core™ processors). Intel® Atom™ processors are not supported. It is supported on Windows* and Mac OS X* and includes an application, driver, and libraries to monitor and estimate real-time processor package power information in watts using the energy counters in the processor. With this release, we are providing functionality to evaluate power information on various platforms including notebooks, desktops and servers.
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10 days ago by rmohns
intel/mkl-dnn: Intel(R) Math Kernel Library for Deep Neural Networks (Intel(R) MKL-DNN)
Intel(R) Math Kernel Library for Deep Neural Networks (Intel(R) MKL-DNN) - intel/mkl-dnn
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11 days ago by kkourt
GitHub - jbangert/trapcc: Computing with traps
Computing with traps. Contribute to jbangert/trapcc development by creating an account on GitHub.
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12 days ago by po

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