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Day Numbers for 2018
Useful for working out approx how much you have in the terramundi;)
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yesterday by beckymonster
Intel says 5G plans for iPhone are unchanged
The updated report explains that Sunny Peak was not in fact a 5G modem, and did not — as initially claimed — combine 5G, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth on one chip. Rather, the unannounced component is only a combined Wi-Fi and Bluetooth chip and was expected to include support for 802.11ad WiGig Wi-Fi
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6 days ago by yorksranter
Intel’s Toxic Culture – Monday Note

When the iPhone exploded onto the scene in 2007, Intel defended its position by clinging its party line: The company’s well-known manufacturing superiority will triumph. The inherent disadvantages of the x86 architecture — power consumption, unnecessary complexity, no SoC integration, will be overcome and Intel will race to the front of the mobile pack.
Just as old Cultures can no longer “see” their origins, Intel pushed under its consciousness the true source of the x86’s superiority: The margins it commanded through the Windows monopoly. Better manufacturing technology became Intel’s “conscious” explanation, but the truth was that in the PC era, non-Windows microprocessors simply couldn’t compete and had to settle for lower prices. The worst part of the Culture dictate is that Intel believed its own story, at least until it stopped working as interlopers such as TSMC came up with competitive technology.
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8 days ago by jefframnani
Intel Intrinsics Guide
interactive lookup of x86 / x86-64 intrinsics. Y'know, for those microscopic amount of situations you'd actually use them.
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8 days ago by mechazoidal
Intel’s Toxic Culture – Monday Note
Who wants to be Intel’s new CEO? The job description should include the impossible task of undoing a company culture that allowed itself to miss the mobile revolution because it thought it couldn’t afford to participate.
9 days ago by euler
Intel says 5G plans for iPhone are unchanged • VentureBeat
Jeremy Horwitz:
<p>Following yesterday’s report from Israeli publication CTech that Apple has decided not to use an Intel 5G modem called “Sunny Peak” in future iPhones, Intel has denied part of the report — and the publication has updated its story to remove its central claim.

“Intel’s 5G customer engagements and roadmap have not changed for 2018 through 2020,” a spokesperson told VentureBeat. “We remain committed to our 5G plans and projects.” When asked whether this meant that Apple is a customer for an Intel 5G modem, the spokesperson said only that “the Intel 5G modem part of the story is inaccurate.”</p>

So there's an update on the CTech article itself, which now says:
<p>Intel will not provide Wi-Fi and Bluetooth components for Apple’s 2020 mobile devices, according to internal company communications reviewed by Calcalist, and people familiar with the matter. Apple has notified Intel it would not use a mobile communication component developed by the chipmaker in its next-generation mobile device, Intel executives said. Further development of the component internally called “Sunny Peak” has been halted and the Intel team that's working on the product will be redirected to other efforts, the executives said.

A previous version of this article incorrectly stated that the Sunny Peak component also included 5G connectivity.</p>

Note that this does not mean that Intel *will* provide a 5G modem. Only that the component it now isn't providing doesn't have 5G.
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9 days ago by charlesarthur

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