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An Explanation of the Meltdown/Spectre Bugs for a Non-Technical Audience
Marvelous analogy which makes clear the gist of these two vulnerabilities discovered in Jan 2018
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7 hours ago by chrismyth
MySQL* Optimization with Intel® C++ Compiler
This article shows how we optimized MySQL using Intel® C++ Compiler and its Interprocedural Optimization (IPO) capability. Without having to modify any code, we compiled the MySQL source code and tested the performance indicators. The result? By using Intel C++ Compiler optimizations on MySQL in a set of test scenarios, performance improved between 5% and 35%―bringing developers another avenue to better MySQL performance.
MySQL  MySQL5.6  Optimization  Intel  Compiler  Articles  2018  LeCloud 
12 hours ago by dlb
How So Many Researchers Found a 20-Year-Old Chip Flaw At Once
The vulnerabilities behind the devastating Meltdown and Spectre attacks have existed for decades. Four groups of researchers independently found them within mere months of each other.
meltdown  security  spectre  intel  bugs  nsa  disclosure 
16 hours ago by grahams
New Intel AMT Security Issue Lets Hackers Gain Full Control of Laptops in 30 Seconds
To exploit this issue, all an attacker with physical access to a password (login and BIOS) protected machine needs to do is reboot or power-up the targeted PC and press CTRL-P during boot-up, as demonstrated by researchers at F-Secure in the above video.
hardware  bug  amt  intel 
2 days ago by whip_lash
‘It Can’t Be True.’ Inside the Semiconductor Industry’s Meltdown
“Our first priority has been to have a complete mitigation in place,” said Intel’s Parker. “We’ve delivered a solution.” Some in the cybersecurity community aren’t so sure. Kocher, who helped discover Spectre, thinks this is just the beginning of the industry’s woes. Now that new ways to exploit chips have been exposed, there’ll be more variations and more flaws that will require more patches and mitigation.
"This is just like peeling the lid off the can of worms," he said.
meltdown  spectre  speculative-execution  security  exploits  intel  amd  cpus 
2 days ago by jm

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