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Dietary protein intake and renal function
"we find no significant evidence for a detrimental effect of high protein (1.5 g/kg/day = 0.6g/lb) intakes on kidney function in healthy persons after centuries of a high protein Western diet"

"Presently, we know of no studies executed in healthy individuals with normal renal function which demonstrate a clear relation between increased dietary protein intake and dehydration or a detrimental "strain" on the kidney. Therefore, claims that a high protein diet promotes dehydration or adversely "strains" the kidney remain speculative." - BS. I ended up in the ER with abdominal pain and high BUN levels after following Tim Ferriss's muscle gain protocol and not hydrating enough.

[[Athletes, particularly in sports requiring strength and power, consume high levels of dietary protein [89,90]. In fact, many athletes habitually consume protein in excess of 2.0 g/kg/day [91]. Supplementation with amino acids will further increase dietary protein levels in these individuals [92]. Yet there is no evidence that this population is at greater risk for kidney disease or losses in renal function [90]. Poortsmans and Dellalieux [93] found that protein intakes in the range of ~1.4–1.9 g/kg/day or 170–243% of the recommended dietary allowance did not impair renal function in a group of 37 athletes. In a prospective study of over 45,000 men, researchers found a direct correlation between animal protein intake and risk of stone formation [103] - "Intake of animal protein was directly associated with the risk of stone formation"]]
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The myth of 1 g/lb: Optimal protein intake for bodybuilders
"cut-off point at exactly 1.6g/kg/d beyond which no further benefits for muscle growth or strength development are seen"

* the more experienced you are, the less protein you need
* even if you (think) you train harder than most athletes, you still need at most 0.82g/lb

"There is normally no advantage to consuming more than 0.82g/lb (1.8g/kg) of protein per day to preserve or build muscle for natural trainees. This already includes a mark-up, since most research finds no more benefits after 0.64g/lb.

Optimal protein intake decreases with training age, because your body becomes more efficient at preventing protein breakdown resulting from training and less protein is needed for the increasingly smaller amount of muscle that is built after each training session."
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a free, open-source expert system for guided interviews and document assembly. It provides a web site that conducts interviews with users. Based on the information gathered, the interviews can present users with documents in PDF, RTF, or DOCX format, which users can download or e-mail.
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Fat Loss Is a Steep Climb to the Bottom | Breaking Muscle
What is the time frame for sensibly losing a reasonable amount of body fat? We know that there are approximately 3,500 calories in one pound of body fat.1 The average person can only lose fat at the rate of approximately 30 calories per pound of body fat per day.2


From that, there is a reasonable formula developed by Drew Baye:


[(X1 - X2) x 3,500] / [(X1 + X2) x 15] = D



X1 = your initial body fat (in pounds).X2 = your end-goal body fat (in pounds)D = The approximate number of days to reach your end body fat goal if you create a daily caloric deficit equal to your current amount of body fat (in pounds) multiplied by 30.


Here is an example of a person who wants to reduce their body fat percentage from 30% to 20% without reducing lean body mass:


Scale weight = 190lbCurrent body fat percentage = 30%X1 = .30 x 190 = 57lb of fat190lb – 57lb of fat = 133lb of lean mass20% body fat = 133lb x 1.2 = 160lbX2 = 160lb – 133lb lean body mass = 27lb of fat


Let's plug the numbers into the estimated formula:


[(57-27) x 3,500] / [(57 + 27) x 15] = 83.3


Therefore, it would take approximately 84 days of a diet with optimal caloric balance (- 27*30 cal/day) for a 190lb person with 30% body fat to reduce to 160lb and 20% body fat.
fat  loss  caloric  intake  duration  time 
june 2019 by dandv
Low-carb diets cause people to burn more calories | EurekAlert! Science News
Not all calories are the same.

From another article:

“This feeding study, as the longest and largest to date, provides support for the carbohydrate-insulin model and makes a credible case that all calories are not metabolically alike,” said Harvard professor and endocrinologist at Boston Children’s Hospital David Ludwig, one of the authors of the new paper. “These findings raise the possibility that a focus on carbohydrate restriction may work better for long-term weight loss maintenance than calorie restriction.”

The study, which cost $12 million to complete, found that just calorie-counting doesn’t necessarily mean that you will automatically lose weight.
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