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The OpenTracing project
Vendor-neutral APIs and instrumentation for distributed tracing
opentracing  tracing  instrumentation  debugging  programming  distributed  monitoring 
24 days ago by vicchow
Albert-Gao/DaggerAndroidKotlinExample at withTest
A minimal setup for using dagger-android with Kotlin to setup application wide and activity wide dependencies. - Albert-Gao/DaggerAndroidKotlinExample
dagger  mock  android  instrumentation  test  example  unit  project  androidinjector  functional  daggermock 
7 weeks ago by lgtout
How to mock dagger-android injection in instrumented tests with Kotlin | Through the binary
Previously, we talked about how to do mock using dagger 2 and dagger-android. But as the wise man said: If You Didn't Test It, It Doesn't Work. So let’s see how to do the test. An important pa
dagger  mock  android  instrumentation  test  example  unit  daggermock 
7 weeks ago by lgtout
maskaravivek/AndroidTestingExamples: Examples for writing test cases in an Android app
Examples for writing test cases in an Android app. Contribute to maskaravivek/AndroidTestingExamples development by creating an account on GitHub.
android  instrumentation  unit  espresso  test  example  project  mockito  dagger  mock  androidinjector 
7 weeks ago by lgtout
How To Improve Coverage for your Android App Using Mockito and Espresso — Part 2
GitHub is where people build software. More than 27 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 80 million projects.
android  test  dagger  example  unit  functional  instrumentation  espresso 
7 weeks ago by lgtout
Mockito 2 - Mocking final classes under androidTest does not work · Issue #1173 · mockito/mockito
Hello, Default behaviour of mockito-core and mockito-android does not contain functionalities to mock final classes: testCompile "org.mockito:mockito-core:+" androidTestCompile "org.mockito:mockito-android:+" To mock final classes under ...
mockito  androidtest  instrumentation  test  mock  android  dexopener 
8 weeks ago by lgtout
tmurakami/dexopener: An Android library that provides the ability to mock your final classes on Android devices.
An Android library that provides the ability to mock your final classes on Android devices. - tmurakami/dexopener
dexopener  dex  android  mock  instrumentation  test  final  library  kotlin  open  alternatives 
8 weeks ago by lgtout

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