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Knowledge, Virtue and the Research University | chad wellmon - September 22, 2014
Published in The Hedgehog Review -- Recently, a broad literature has chronicled, diagnosed, and attempted to solve what many have referred to as a “crisis” in higher education. Some authors tie the purported crisis to an out- of-touch faculty or lackadaisical students, while others blame a conservative or liberal political culture or the public’s general distrust of univer- sities. Amidst all of these anxious arguments, however, we can discern four basic types. -- downloaded pdf to Note
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Scott J. Shapiro - Authority (2000) :: SSRN
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Stanford/Yale Jr. Faculty Forum Research Paper 00-05; Cardozo Law School, Public Law Research Paper No. 24 -- the so-called "paradox of authority" was first developed in the late 18th Century by the anarchist theorist William Godwin and later popularized by Robert Paul Wolff in the 1960's. Their aim was to demonstrate that legitimate authority is impossible. As they argued, the problem with all authorities is that they claim the right to demand obedience even when they are wrong. However, people should never act in ways they believe to be wrong. Hence, people should never recognize the right of authorities to demand their obedience. This paper discusses the many "solutions" that have been offered on authority's behalf. The responses fall roughly into two groups: those who believe that problems arise due to certain naive views about the nature of authority and rationality and that revision in our understanding is required, and those who maintain that the puzzle can be unraveled without any radical changes. --, the paper accepts that the paradox (or, as it is shown, paradoxes) of authority cannot be solved within standard theories of rationality and morality. Which revisions are necessary, it is claimed, depends on one's underlying theory of legitimacy.
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Another #instrumentalist / #producer to listen to. This song feels really airy...#rjd2 #hiphop
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James L. Webb: Dewey: Back to the Future (2002)
JSTOR: Journal of Economic Issues, Vol. 36, No. 4 (Dec., 2002), pp. 981-1003 -- downloaded pdf to Note -- see also later issue with discussion in 2 comments between Webb and commentor on whether this is substantive or terminology debate
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Anne Truitt Zelenka » Scott Karp: Talking to You People is a Massive Waste of Time
I use the web to conduct my work life ... It’s not a way to “veg out” and it doesn’t suck time away from “real life.” It is real life. My professional relationships are real; my work is real; my online friendships and interactions are real"
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