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GIF sport, digital, power, cars, speed, auto, electric, eco, comfort, battery, charge, hyundai, instrument, kona, rpm, dial, namaste car, hyundai kona electric, instrument cluster, drive mode Giphy ______
sport  digital  power  cars  speed  auto  electric  eco  comfort  battery  charge  hyundai  instrument  kona  rpm  dial  namaste  car  cluster  drive  mode  wynajem  samo 
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GIF race, cars, racing, auto, start, screen, instrument, mclaren, supercar, lcd, folding, senna, Alcántara, namaste car, hypercar, mclaren senna, the elite cars, mclaren senna p15, elite cars, folding driver display Giphy ______
race  cars  racing  auto  start  screen  instrument  mclaren  supercar  lcd  folding  senna  Alcántara  namaste  car  hypercar  the  elite  p15  driv 
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Ford Cars GIF by Namaste Car - Find & Share on GIPHY
GIF cars, computer, technology, auto, escape, ford, screen, instrument, suv, meter, dial, average, namaste car, kuga, ford escape, ford kuga, tripmeter Giphy ______
cars  computer  technology  auto  escape  ford  screen  instrument  suv  meter  dial  average  namaste  car  kuga  tripmeter  wynajem  samochody  auta 
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Cars Technology GIF by Namaste Car - Find & Share on GIPHY
GIF digital, cars, technology, drive, speed, auto, led, renault, fuel, instrument, range, cluster, rpm, gauge, namaste car, coolant, triber, renault triber, instrument cluster Giphy ______
digital  cars  technology  drive  speed  auto  led  renault  fuel  instrument  range  cluster  rpm  gauge  namaste  car  coolant  triber  wynajem  samochody  auta 
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Re-Create the 808 - vector808 ページ!
Re-Create the 808

Timeless truth is that the makers invented instruments, whereas the artists reinvented them into musical instruments. (Citation needed).
music  instrument 
4 weeks ago by kmiyazaki
Forming Fipples And Accompanying Accoutrements | Hackaday
Dr. Suess] created memorable books with minimal words and bright artwork. He inspired children and adults alike, and one of them, [Len], grew up to create wind instruments for the Bellowphone channel on YouTube. Behind the whimsy of his creations is significant engineering, and this time, we get to see the construction of a fipple. Even though fipple sounds like a word [Dr. Suess] would have coined, it is a legitimate musical term that means a whistle-like mouthpiece. In this case, it blows air across glass jars to create the sound for [Len]’s bottle organ. Check out the second video below for a performance from The Magic Flute.
hackaday  fipple  music  instrument 
6 weeks ago by cyberchucktx
The Theremin Gets A Voice | Hackaday
Every once in a while, we come across a project that adds a ridiculously good twist on an existing design. This is exactly what [Xiao Xiao] and the team at LAM research group at the Institut d’Alembert in Paris have done. Their project T-VOKS is a singing and Speaking Theremin that is sure to drive everyone in the office crazy.

For the uninitiated, the Theremin is an electronic music instrument that does not require physical contact. Instead, it uses two antennas to sense the distance of the operators hands and uses that to modulate the pitch and volume of the output audio. From music concerts to movie background music to even scaring the neighbours, this instrument can do it all.

T-VOKS is a different take on the instrument, and it interfaces with a voice synthesizer to sing. There is an additional sensor that is used for the syllable sequencing, and the video below shows the gadget in operation. The icing on the cake is the instrument playing, or should that be singing in an actual concert. There is also a research paper detailing the operation on Dropbox[PDF] if you need the nitty-gritty.
music  electronic  theramin  singing  audio  instrument 
10 weeks ago by cyberchucktx

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