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ALA Libraries Transform | An initiative of the American Library Association
Awareness campaign showing stakeholders and users how libraries are evolving in the digital age
library  organization  institution  transformation  campaign  usa  culture  Society  digital  disruption 
5 weeks ago by csrollyson
Forum 34 | Sara Ahmed | Complaint: Diversity Work, Feminism, and Institutions - YouTube
"This lecture will draw on interviews with students and staff who have made (or have considered making) complaints about abuses of power within universities. It will show how feminist complaint can be a form of diversity work: as the work you would have to do before some populations can be included within institutions. We learn about the institutional “as usual” from those who are trying to transform institutions. Finally, the lecture will discuss how identifying and challenging abuses of power teaches us about
the mechanics of power."
saraahmed  2018  via:javierarbona  power  highered  highereducation  bullying  complaint  diversity  race  racism  feminism  gender  institution  ableism  abuseofpower  universities  colleges 
february 2018 by robertogreco
IXDM | Institutions as a Way of Life
"This is an artistic research project description that describes an ongoing research project. It was collaboratively in a text editing application. It is intended to explain that there is an ongoing project about institutions of culture, art and learning, and how these relate to individual creative practices and collective political engagements. It is a project description of a project that is how to disentangle the representationalism of own roles and various understandings of institutions.

Institutions as a Way of Life explores and projects the legacy of Institutional Critique and develops models of instituent practices in terms of micropolitical actions, radical pedagogies and artistic processes."
bernhardgarnicnig  jamieallen  basel  phd  institution  institutionality  ixdm 
february 2018 by gohai
Angewandte schafft Protest-Struktur und neue Studienangebote |
"Die kommende "Struktur" soll mittels Arbeitsgruppen an allen Instituten ermöglichen, mit wissenschaftlichen wie künstlerischen Mitteln rasch auf Entwicklungen wie Sozialabbau, Demokratieabbau, Fremdenfeindlichkeit oder Verrohung der Sprache, aber auch auf einzelne Politikeraussagen rasch zu reagieren, sagte Bast. (..)

Der seit 2000 amtierende Rektor, der im November für eine weitere vierjährige Funktionsperiode bis 2023 wiedergewählt wurde, ist für die kommenden Verhandlungen der Leistungsvereinbarungen zwischen Unis und Bund optimistisch"
uniak  geraldbast  protest  politics  institution 
february 2018 by gohai

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