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The Slack Bubble and the reality of  the Professional Instant Messaging Market
“First of all, it is no longer relevant to consider separately the consumer and the business market. Inevitably, the two will merge. In your question, you mentioned email. Last year, a user had on average 1.7 email accounts; this year, the ratio will be 1.9, simply due to the increasing combination of professional and private use. Another example is the video call segment: look at your list of recent conversations on Skype, Zoom, or Hangout. They mix personal and professional activity. The line between private and personal use of these tools is more blurred than ever.
InstantMessaging  email  Skype  Slack 
march 2019 by euler
Server overview · XMPP Compliance Tester
A matrix to see how different public XMPP servers comply with several XMPP XEPs/RFCs.
xmpp  instantmessaging  tools  internet 
march 2019 by miramarco
Study: Chinese-American immigrants fall prey to WeChat’s misinformation problem - Columbia Journalism Review
While local news is often championed as a bastion of democracy and source of trust in today’s vortex of misinformation, locally oriented news outlets on WeChat contribute heavily to the amplification of misinformation. Many such outlets have emerged in an attempt to seize the thriving niche market as a major immigrant destination, promoting their usefulness by delivering practical information on where to shop and get services, how to prevent crime, and what events are happening locally. At the same time, these profit-driven local outlets have also become hotbeds for misinformation, especially as local policies such as sanctuary laws and marijuana legalization come under intense debate in the communities they target. Lack of credible local news, as in the Massalkhy story, creates a vacuum for misinformation to flourish
wechat  instantmessaging  china  fakenews  journalism 
april 2018 by yorksranter
That modern usage supplement the Oxford English Dictionary people haven't gotten around to.
Internet  emoji  emoticon  search  reference  instantMessaging  email 
august 2016 by JJLDickinson
mod_groups -
mod_groups was designed to allow administrators to create virtual groups of users that automatically see each other in their contact lists.
prosody  instantmessaging 
may 2016 by dtg
mod_message -
This is an autoloaded module that allows users to send messages and store messages if the user is offline for retrieval when they log in.
prosody  instantmessaging 
may 2016 by dtg
mod_offline -
This module handles the storage of offline messages to disk, ready to be delivered to users when the next log in.
prosody  instantmessaging  modules 
may 2016 by dtg
Shared Groups in Prosody - Marc's Blog
My favourite Jabber Server (Prosody) has a plugin to automatically inject groups into a persons roaster.
prosody  instantmessaging  jabber 
may 2016 by dtg

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