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S3 Throughput Benchmarks
This is really useful data. As expected the c5ns win, but good to validate that!
I used this to benchmark S3's performance from all 155 EC2 instance types in existence. I put all the data in an interactive spreadsheet. [...] Below is the max throughput I got from each instance type, but the spreadsheet shows you what object sizes and thread counts you need to get that performance.
ec2  instances  instance-types  hardware  cloud  s3  performance  benchmarks  ops 
april 2019 by jm
AutoSpotting/AutoSpotting: Automatically convert your existing AutoScaling groups to up to 90% cheaper spot instances with minimal(often zero) configuration changes
Once installed and enabled by tagging existing on-demand AutoScaling groups, AutoSpotting gradually replaces their on-demand instances with spot instances that are usually much cheaper, at least as large and identically configured to the group's members, without changing the group configuration in any way. For your peace of mind, you can also keep running a configurable number of on-demand instances given as percentage or absolute number.
autospotting  aws  spot-instances  spot  instances  costs 
january 2019 by slmingol
Instance Price Guide
Nicely done EC2 instance price comparison site, with spot instance and reserved pricing discounts taken into account; possibly better than
ec2  instances  aws  pricing  hosts  spot-instances  money 
january 2019 by jm
Hit the road @jack send toot | MetaFilter
“Here’s a short list of instances that Don’t Suck, hand-curated by a queer orc. Mine is on it but currently closed to new users.

“And here’s a longer list of instances that suck, curated by the same queer orc. I have had things happen like have a user on my instance report a toot on one of these for being ‘hey watch me get banned by twenty more instances for saying [ethnic slur]’, then discovered that was the person running that instance, and just told my instance to never talk to that one again.”
mastodon  instances  2018  metafilter 
august 2018 by handcoding

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