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Mesmerizing rainbow art installations
Dawe’s Plexus series are large-scale networks of sewing thread that are investigations of the visible spectrum of light. They are often site-specific, temporary commissions that the artist transforms into compacted displays of thread he calls relics when the exhibitions are over.
art  colour  installations 
5 weeks ago by terry
Dries Depoorter – artist working with technology
Dries Depoorter creates artworks about surveillance, privacy, social media and machine learning. Dries is based in Ghent, Belgium
artist  interactive  surveillance  social-media  art  portfolio  installations  provocative 
may 2019 by ilijusin
. . Fredrik Olofsson Musikproduktion . .
m u s i c v i d e o c o d e h a r d w a r e i n s t a l l a t i o n s
music  video  code  hardware  installations  supercollider 
april 2019 by gdw
Carol Mertz » About
"I became interested in games, design, and technology when I was a kid in the 90s — I used to stay up late coding my own websites from scratch in Notepad, studying HTML books and dissecting other peoples’ source code to figure out how things worked."
games  installations  electronics 
january 2019 by Holly
"I'm a Brooklyn, NY based game developer, educator, and MFA candidate at the New York University Game Center. My design work encompasses digital, tabletop, and installation style projects."
games  installations  light 
january 2019 by Holly
TEM search for emotional and narrative possibilities at the intersection of new technologies, systems and processes to create contemporary stories and compelling experiences.
portfolio  design  installations 
september 2018 by iZac
Noyze Lab Research
David Burraston is an award winning artist/scientist working in the areas of technology and electronic music since the late 1970s. His experimental arts practice encompasses field recording, landscape-scale sound art, chaos/complexity, sound synthesis and electronic music. He performs, lectures, conducts workshops and creates art installations in Regional NSW and around the world. David also designs and builds sound synthesizers based on his theories of chaos/complexity science.
science  noise  research  complexity  synthesizer  music  sound  soundart  workshops  art  installations  artist  technology  landscape  fieldrecording 
august 2018 by derishus

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