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Christine and the Queens ft Tunji Ige – No Harm is Done
the prelude to the 'Jonathan' video.
Also had beautiful light/neon effects and dancing.
light  queens  dance  video  film  music  installation  neon  glow  smoke 
5 days ago by oliverdonovan
Christine and The Queens + Perfume Genius – Jonathan
Beautiful video with choreographed neon light tubes.
Also incredible song.
music  video  queens  light  neon  installation  film  dance 
5 days ago by oliverdonovan
Stimulant | Smart Space and Interactive Media Design & Development
Stimulant is an innovation studio that brings spaces to life by transforming them into pioneering, any-scale interactive environments.
interactive  installation  company  agency  cool 
5 days ago by ashwath22
Grab Bar Fastener Installation with "The Beast" - YouTube ;;; ;;;
tags: Grab Bar Fastener Installation with "The Beast" - YouTube | video anchor for sheet rock questionable ;;;
Grab  Bar  Fastener  Installation  with  "The  Beast"  -  YouTube  |  video  anchor  for  sheet  rock  questionable  wingIts 
6 days ago by neerajsinghvns
770-914-0514 OR  
aqua  vision  irrigation  aquaVisionIrrigation  sprinkler  system  rain  bird  rainBird  installation  and  maintanance 
7 days ago by neerajsinghvns

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