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First Installation · RetroPie/RetroPie-Setup Wiki · GitHub
Shell script to set up a Raspberry Pi/Odroid/PC with RetroArch emulator and various cores - RetroPie/RetroPie-Setup
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2 days ago by aexel
Troika is an artist trio formed by Eva Rucki, Conny Freyer and Sebastien Noel.
Troika is a collaborative contemporary art group formed by Eva Rucki (b. 1976, Germany), Conny Freyer (b. 1976, Germany) and Sebastien Noel (b. 1977, France) in 2003.
With a particular interest in the subjective and objective readings of reality and the various relationships we form with technology, they investigate the ways in which the digital world informs and crosses over into the physical one and how technological advancement influences our relationship with the world and with each other.
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4 days ago by stacker
Art Group RANDOM INTERNATIONAL run a collaborative studio for experimental practice within contemporary art. Founded in 2005 by Hannes Koch and Florian Ortkrass, today they work with larger teams of diverse and complementary talent out of studios in London and Berlin.
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4 days ago by stacker
United Visual Artists
UVA (United Visual Artists) is a London-based practice founded in 2003 by British artist Matt Clark. UVA’s diverse body of work integrates new technologies with traditional media such as painting, sculpture, performance, and site-specific installation.
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4 days ago by stacker
Exporting & Importing Outlook account settings - Microsoft Community
Importing and Exporting Mail and User Accounts in Outlook 2007

Productivity, Tips Tagged office, outlook, outlook 2007, password recovery October 14th, 2008

Posted by Jeff Knapp
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6 days ago by Rard

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