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Work | Studio TheGreenEyl
Richard The, Gunnar Green, Frédéric Eyl
studio  web  installation 
yesterday by jmuspratt
How to Fix Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Installation Problems?
How to Fix Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Installation Problems
How  to  Fix  Windows  10  Fall  Creators  Update  Installation  Problems  -  ugetfix 
2 days ago by kilroy2
How Do You Know It's Time to Upgrade Your Kitchen and Bath Appliances?
Your kitchen and bath appliances work hard for you every day, but sometimes they’ve worked a little bit too long and too hard!
appliance  installation  kitchen  appliances  plumbing  tips 
4 days ago by Adventure_Web
adityashrm21/RaspberryPi-Packet-Sniffer: An HTTP and HTTPS sniffing tool created using a Raspberry Pi
RaspberryPi-Packet-Sniffer - An HTTP and HTTPS sniffing tool created using a Raspberry Pi
raspberrypi  installation  5*  dhcp  dns  wire  less  point 
4 days ago by ianweatherhogg
Brian House | Urban Intonation
Living under the paving stones, consuming our refuse, and incubating our diseases, the city rat is a ubiquitous part of global, urban capitalism. The revulsion rats inspire actually speaks of our closeness to them—neither domesticated nor “wild,” rattus norvegicus belies the notion that we are separate from nature. And just as we continually negotiate our place in a dynamic city, so have rats developed elaborate social codes intertwined with urban architecture and geography.

We are not usually privy to the vocal address of one rat to another, however, as they primarily speak above the (20khz) threshold of human hearing. But for Urban Intonation, I recorded rats at multiple sites in NYC with a custom ultrasonic microphone that I left in their burrows for 24-hour periods. I then pitch-shifted the result into the human auditory range and mixed it for multi-channel playback over a human public address system, repositioning rat vocalizations as something that is recognizable, if not intelligible, as (political) communication.
rat  sound  art  pitch  urban  installation  audio 
5 days ago by bezthomas
intoli/exodus: Painless relocation of Linux binaries–and all of their dependencies–without containers.
exodus - Painless relocation of Linux binaries–and all of their dependencies–without containers.
python  ssh  binary  installation 
11 days ago by reorx
Projekt Clean Install für macOS: Wenn es Zeit wird, noch mal ganz von vorne anzufangen | News |
Projekt Clean Install für macOS: Wenn es Zeit wird, noch mal ganz von vorne anzufangen
Stellen Sie sich vor, Sie könnten Ihr Leben noch einmal ganz von vorne beginnen – aber mit allen Erinnerungen und Erfahrungen Ihres bisherigen Lebens. Es gibt wohl nur wenige Menschen, die glaubhaft behaupten könnten, absolut alles genau so wie zuvor zu machen. Alle Menschen machen Fehler, treffen mal schlechte Entscheidungen oder erleben unangenehme Situationen, denen sie lieber aus dem Weg gegangen wären.
mac  Computer  Installation  osx  artikel 
12 days ago by salomon74
Installing Dampeners : CR10
It's about as easy as it sounds. The only trick is there are 4 holes, two are threaded, two are not. These things change the motor's 4 screw mounting to 2 screw mounting. Two diagonal screws attach to the stepper (the no thread ones, the screws go through), the other two attach to the frame, all using original screws. Now the motor can shake and the rubber absorbs it instead of transferring the movement & noise to the frame. It will be plain to see when you're holding them! You should have them on the Z Axis & the X Axis. {EDIT: The X, Y & Z axis is what I meant to say! Also fixed typo.} The Extruder moves so slowly there's no point. Some put one on anyway. No harm, no foul, but unneeded. :-) PuterPro
cr10  cr-10  cr10s  cr-10s  vibration  dampener  dampeners  installation  guide  tips 
14 days ago by 44sunsets

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