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A new package index for Python []
The Python Package Index (PyPI) is the principal repository of libraries for the Python programming language, serving more than 170 million downloads each week. Fifteen years after PyPI launched, a new edition is in beta at, with features like better search, a refreshed layout, and Markdown README files (and with some old features removed, like viewing GPG package signatures). Starting April 16, users visiting the site or running pip install will be seamlessly redirected to the new site. Two weeks after that, the legacy site is expected to be shut down and the team will turn toward new features; in the meantime, it is worth a look at what the new PyPI brings to the table.
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4 days ago by phaustin
Installing Marlin 1.1.6 (and now 1.1.7) on your CR-10S with mesh bed l - Printed Solid
UPDATE! We have added notes for the new version of Marlin 1.1.7 as well as a new download of the source and hex files. Enjoy

Before we start: This is for the CR-10S and not the CR-10. Don’t use this firmware or follow these instructions for the CR-10. It is a different board and uses different settings.The older CR-10 uses a MELZI board which has less memory so in order to get it to work you will have to remove a lot of options to get everything to fit.

The firmware for the CR-10S is based on Marlin which is an open source project and as such means you can modify the source code as you want. While this article will be long and involved, I will get right to the point and just give you the .hex file and you can go ahead and just install it and close out this page. This version has mesh bed leveling, baby stepping and EEPROM storage enabled.
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4 days ago by 44sunsets
Nokogiri extension fails to build due to configuration error · Issue #1357 · sparklemotion/nokogiri
problems with zlib when installing nokogiri?

Error message:

conflicting types for 'gzdopen'

to fix use

bundle config build.nokogiri --use-system-libraries
nokogiri  ruby  fix  install  zlip  mac  osx  homebrew 
6 days ago by noahsussman

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