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Rob Ballou on Instagram: “Little bit of dirt church to close out a mostly lazy weekend. We got naps, movies, chores, and some cooking in. (FYI, Meyer had 6 photogs…”
Little bit of dirt church to close out a mostly lazy weekend. We got naps, movies, chores, and some cooking in. (FYI, Meyer had 6 photogs doing family photos!)
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4 Super Efficient Ways to Make Money on as an via-
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Some thick glass on these railings
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Miami Luxury Properties on Instagram: “Yes or No? 👇🏻double tap if you love this . . . Via @lux.interiors #keybiscayne #brickell #downtown #coralgables #miambeach #forrent…”
Yes or No? 👇🏻double tap if you love this . . . Via @lux.interiors #keybiscayne #brickell #downtown #coralgables #miambeach #forrent #apartment #sobe #miamiflorida #tagafriend #realestate #realty #miamilife #miamiliving #miamirealtor #realtorlife #miamirealestate #realestateinvestor #realestateinvesting #expensivehomes #motivation #newconstruction #investor #inspiredtomove #investments #wholesaleproperties #luxuryliving
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How Instagram Is Changing Museums And The Way We Consume Art - Digg
One of the biggest changes museums have made in the past five years is their "no photography" policy.
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3 days ago by jorgebarba
Instagram is testing a 'regram' feature to natively repost content
For years, Instagram users have been asking for a native share feature, just like those available in other popular social networks. And now, according to a scoop by The Verge, it seems they might actually get it. The feature is known internally as “seamless sharing,” according to The Verge’s Casey Newton, and it introduces a new “share to feed” option that appears in the top-right of every post. Reshared posts appear much like retweets, with the original content nestled below the name of the person who shared it.
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3 days ago by motiveunknown

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