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Rob Ballou on Instagram: “Checking out how much snow has fallen today. Finn got playtime in the park including trying to convince three shepards to chase him for a…”
Checking out how much snow has fallen today. Finn got playtime in the park including trying to convince three shepards to chase him for a bit. I got chill time including even a full, real nap.
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2 days ago by gerjantd
The Experience Economy - Wikipedia
A commodity business charges for undifferentiated products.
A goods business charges for distinctive, tangible things.
A service business charges for the activities you perform.
An experience business charges for the feeling customers get by engaging it.
A transformation business charges for the benefit customers (or "guests") receive by spending time there.
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3 days ago by imaginaryfriend
Leave No Trace Says Stop Geotagging, for Pete's Sake - Adventure Journal
Tag thoughtfully – avoid tagging (or geotagging) specific locations. Instead, tag a general location such as a state or region, if any at all. While tagging can seem innocent, it can also lead to significant impacts to particular places.
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3 days ago by imaginaryfriend
jolly on Instagram: “Real dinosaur bones!”
Real dinosaur bones! (November 09, 2018 at 06:22PM)
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3 days ago by tjollans
87% paid impressions on and are delivered on mobile phones + 1.7seconds of attention span on m…
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3 days ago by schee

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