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中国和特朗普,听好了! - 纽约时报中文网
1. 艰苦的工作 + “从林资本主义”
2. 作弊体系 - 技术转让 + 政府支持的弱肉强食
3. 稳定的全球贸易体系
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10 hours ago by muyun_
Cigna shifts focus from 'sick care' to 'well care' | WARC
“We realised, as we dug further and further into the topic, that we had an opportunity to save 100,000 lives a year. One hundred thousand people die every year because they don’t get the right preventive care,” said Cassell.


The result? Two billion impressions and a lift in brand sentiment, as well as “an 18% increase in adult check-ups” across Cigna’s business, which Cassell said “results in literally millions more people getting preventive care check-ups”.

The first steps to a healthier life, he explained, are not complicated: In fact, improving the quality – and length – of your life was no more complicated than “just going to the doctor and understanding where you are in your health journey”.
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8 days ago by JohnDrake
YouTube: WWF Ad
WwF ad. We are the first generation that knows we are destroying the world and the last to do anything about it.
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11 days ago by JohnDrake
顶级企业需要什么样的MBA毕业生? - - FT中文网
1. 软技能 -> 最重要建立, 维持并扩展人脉的能力
2. 敢干能抗, 以及解决复杂问题的能力
3. 团队协作能力 + 与各种人都能合作的能力
4. 管理一个团队, 与客户打交道时独当一面 - 专业知识,领导才能, 工作热情
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16 days ago by muyun_
1. 想做这件事吗? 想做,就去做, 而不是能不能做
2. “当你一直在敲的那扇门终于打开,不要问为什么,直接冲进去”
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16 days ago by muyun_
Lead to, Not with, Differentiation and Capabilities
"As those that read this blog know, I’m constantly talking about improving messaging through storytelling. But you also know I’ve been talking about it for almost 6 years and see no end it sight. It’s an area that seems like there will always be room for improvement."
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22 days ago by jonerp
Escape from Fantasy | canalside view
What of all the space not filled with the extraordinary? The everyday. The habitual. The unthinking. The familiar. The unremarkable. The dull. The uncommented upon. The shabby and the average. The commonplace and the unarticulated. The stuff that reaches no closure. All that does not make it into newsfeeds and struggles to deserve a hashtag. All that is experienced but remains unexamined and unreflected upon. The small gestures and half-formed words. The commonplace. The unconscious rituals. The stuff that fails to surface in surveys and focus groups and search enquiries.

This is the stuff that’s invisible to marketers. It’s the stuff that lies beneath the surface of the more visible moments.
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29 days ago by Vincennes
Right-Wing Authoritarianism on the Rise: Brazilians Can Halt the Trend
Explains the cycle of how economic & political corruption work together as ruling class takes over and bankrupts nations
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29 days ago by csrollyson
MeasuringU: 10 Concepts Management Needs to Know about UX Measurement
Management often gets blamed for not appreciating or understanding the importance of UX. While managers can’t be expected to fully grasp all details of UX research and design, if they (or you) are going to effectively manage the efforts, you should know best how to measure them.
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4 weeks ago by herewardshaw
测试结果 | 16Personalities
1. 逻辑学家 - INTP- A - 积极主动的创造性, 异于常人的视角以及永不枯竭的智慧
2. 他们只从他人口中试探对各种想法和理论的意见, 而不是将他们作为真正的谈话伙伴
3. 智慧始于怀疑 - 它接受任何可能的事实和想法, 以充满创意的推理来处理每一个事实和想法, 并给出最合乎逻辑的结果 - 若充满主观判断和感情色彩
4. 倾向给出一系列条例清楚的建议去解决根本问题, 提出一种在他们那些更加敏感的朋友那里并不受欢迎的观点 - 关心独创性和立竿见影的效果
5. 打消自我怀疑
4 weeks ago by muyun_
1. 对于任何事情, 尽量关注事实判断,而非价值判断 ->事实判断是确凿的,能够达成共识; 价值判断依赖视角和立场,可以有多种解读 - 很多情况下预设立场
2. 构成我们思维的信息,从源头开始就是有偏差的 - “头脑简单” 是最好的策略
3. 内在 - 观察-> 逻辑 -> 结论 - 动机性推理 -> 预设立场, 然后合理化, 当接触不到 反面证据
4. 接受信息 -> 是否能从 “是” (事实判断) 推出 “应该” (价值判断, 好,坏)? -> 从 “是什么” 能否推出 “好,坏” ?
5. 情绪 - 情绪输出 / 观点输出 -> only what, no why and how
6. 群体 对 个体的影响 -> 群体操纵 - 圈子效应 -> 对内寻求一致, 对外寻求差异 - 不断反思, 问清楚“我想要什么” - 时刻弄清楚, 我的想法,观念, 是来源于自己的内心, 还是来源于群体,环境 - 以我为主, 为我所用 - 明确“我想要什么”, 让一切来帮助你,成就你,而不是被融入环境
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4 weeks ago by muyun_
Lead a function that's all about the customer and business performance. Provide hands on support to the business and act as a change agent. My team is always looking to explore and understand the richness and complexity of human behaviour by studying it from more than one standpoint.
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4 weeks ago by herewardshaw

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