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Is Ace Hardware Amazon proof? - Fox Business
Ace Hardware CEO John Venhuizen, told FOX Business on Friday that they are having success taking on Amazon.
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Logistics Real Estate: Largely Isolated from Recent Trade Action - Prologis
Our research on logistics real estate has recently focused on the importance of consumption, including e-commerce, how location strategy has become a critical differentiator, and the reduced importance of trade as an industry driver.
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Aging US warehouses unfit to handle Amazon and e-commerce boom - CNBC
The average age of a U.S. warehouse is 34 years, according to a survey by real estate services firm CBRE. And that likely won't cut it for a retail industry that's moving increasingly toward e-commerce and fulfilling online orders for customers in the blink of an eye.
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Last-Mile Delivery Models to Revolutionize Urban Logistics by 2025 - MH&L
Spiraling last-mile delivery costs and changing customer demands are causing retailers to look at click-and-collect, locker boxes, on-demand, and autonomous solutions.
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The Store Is Dead, Long Live the Store - MITSloan Management Review
Legacy offline stores and next-generation online retailers are each finding their way to a new kind of shopping experience: the showroom.
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