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'Alarming' loss of insects and spiders recorded • BBC News
Helen Briggs:
<p>Insects and spiders are declining in forests and grasslands across Germany, according to new research.

Scientists have described the findings as "alarming", saying the losses are driven by intensive agriculture.

They are calling for a "paradigm shift" in land-use policy to preserve habitat for the likes of butterflies, bugs and flying insects.

Recent studies have reported widespread declines in insect populations around the world.

The latest analysis, published in the journal, Nature, confirms that some insect species are being pushed down the path to extinction. It is becoming clearer and clearer that the drivers of insect decline are related to farming practices, said Dr Sebastian Seibold of the Technical University of Munich in Freising, Germany.

"Our study confirms that insect decline is real - it might be even more widespread then previously thought considering, for example, that also forests are experiencing declines in insect populations," he told BBC News.</p>
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Digital Archive of Natural History (DiNArDa) (@disc3d) - Sketchfab
View the profile and 3D models by Digital Archive of Natural History (DiNArDa) (@disc3d). DISC3D: Scanning small objects in 3D, multi-view, EDOF, automatic
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Safer® Brand Organic Gardening Products | Natural Insecticide |
Safer® Brand offers OMRI-listed organic gardening pesticides, natural insecticides, & organic lawn fertilizer. Shop online!
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Our collection is used by several each year - young & old, from well established to just starting…
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Recently Moulted Adult Assassin (Rihirbus trochantericus, Reduviidae)

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Recently Moulted Adult Assassin (Rihirbus trochantericus, Reduviidae)

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"Sawyer Premium Picaridin insect repellent (also known as the "Fisherman's Formula") provides up to 8 hrs. of protection from mosquitoes, ticks, biting flies, gnats, chiggers and fleas. " Picaridin is an effective alternative to DEET that provides long-lasting protection and won't damage your gear Application is simple with spray pump bottle Meets airline carry-on baggage requirements
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Mosquito Bug Head Net with Insect Shield by Sea to Summit
"When bugs are thick and relentless the Mosquito Head Net is the answer. Soft polyester mesh is comfortable against your face, the hexagonal pattern provides better airflow and the black color means better visibility. The headnet is also available in an Insect Shield® treated version. Insect Shield® is effective at repelling ticks, ants, flies, mosquitos and other little nasties that you'd rather be protected from."
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Fungal Hallucinogens Send Cicadas on Sex Binges After Their Genitals Fall Off
In latest gruesome nature news, scientists have discovered new details on a fungus that compels its cicada hosts to mate long after their genitals have gone and their bodies have turned into what one researcher colourfully describes as 'flying salt shakers of death'.
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