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Robert F. Tinker Fellows Program – Concord Consortium
Robert F. (Bob) Tinker founded the Concord Consortium in 1994 and served as its dynamic and passionate president until 2009. He saw in technology the power to revolutionize how people learn and teach. And he continually pushed the limits of educational technology and pedagogies, pursuing ever more innovative ideas with new collaborators and partners. Bob’s passing on June 21, 2017, is a source of sadness for us all, but it’s also a reason to remember his legacy and his unique personal qualities.

The themes below reflect Bob’s many interests and contributions to the field of educational technology. Fellows with synergistic work in the following broad themes are invited to apply:

Theme 1: Tools for inquiry
Theme 2: Learning and collaboration
Theme 3: Data explorations
Theme 4: Sustainability and the environment
Theme 5: Tinkering with models; playful experimentation
Theme 6: Online learning
Theme 7: Learning everywhere
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