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[App of the Week] Skip Songs Without Skipping a Beat With This Playlist App
Serato Pyro
Serato Pyro is your personal playlist DJ - From smooth song transitions to intelligent suggestions, this app can help keep your music vibes going strong.​
**  Developed  by  Serato_  a  music  production  software  company  and  innovator  of  digital  DJing_  the  app  works  with  your  Spotify  or  iTunes  account  to  make  your  playlists  sound  like  DJ  sets. 
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⚡️African American , Dr. Philip Emeagwali, was the FIRST person to the World…
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april 2018 by dshaw
Google Innovator Application Link
Info about the Google Innovator workshop in Washington D.C. and beyond.
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april 2017 by amann
Bay Area friends - here's a great chance to hear share her wisdom!
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march 2017 by Smokler
2/2 True innovators start with the customer experience and work backwards
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october 2016 by smack416
Here's the Trick Amazon Uses to Brainstorm Amazing Ideas |
2/2 True innovators start with the customer experience and work backwards
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october 2016 by smack416
*New on the blog!* Plastic waste Marco Kortland on his Urban Mining:
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june 2016 by freerange_inc
Five years, building a culture, and handing it off. - Laughing Meme
Nothing we know [ about X ] should be assumed to be true. // Technology is the product of the culture that builds it. // If you want to build for the long term, the only guarantee is change. Invest in your people and your ability to ask questions, not your current answers. Your current answers are wrong, or they will be soon. // Software development should be thought of as a cycle of continual learning and improvement rather a progression from start to finish, or a search for correctness. If you aren’t shipping, you aren’t learning. If it slows down shipping, it probably isn’t worth it. Maturity is knowing when to make the trade off and when not to. // You build a culture of learning by optimizing globally not locally. Your improvement, over time, as a team, with shared tools, practices and beliefs is more important than individual pockets of brilliance. And more satisfying. [ anti-Rock Star dev philosophy ] [ book by Red Hat CEO Open Organization ]
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What disruptive innovation means by The Economist
EVERY so often a management idea escapes from the pages of the Harvard Business Review and becomes part of the zeitgeist. In the 1990s it was “re-engineering”. Today it is “disruptive innovation” // innovators dilemma - blue ocean //
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