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9 hours ago by ormg
The Heart of Innovation by Blade Kotelly
Good innovation should make your company feel uncomfortable. In this inspiring talk from Mind the Product London 2017, Blade Kotelly shares a process that he says will give you the best chance to innovate, although it doesn’t necessarily guarantee success. The process is based around Research, Design, Prototyping and Testing, but it also needs a [...]Read More...
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yesterday by bradbarrish
‘WTF?’ author Tim O’Reilly says tech and business elites are setting the world up for ‘war and revolution’ - Recode
I've missed having regular doses of Tim O'Reilly discussions and need to fix that. This was a great reminder as to what I love about his work and focus.
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yesterday by vanderwal
First Offices, Then Apartments, Now Gyms? WeWork Launches New Wellness Concept - Forbes
WeWork is turning up the heat on its competitors with a new wellness and fitness concept, which it is calling Rise by We, that opens to the public Tuesday.
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yesterday by areadevelopment
Ethereum for Everyone (Ethereum Public Blockchain; ETH not ETC)
Self-introductory post of Ethereum's blockchain-based platform and its ecosystems.

"Ethereum’s public blockchain has been specifically designed to be a decentralized application platform. This means that Ethereum can run apps that are similar to apps you might find on a computer or smartphone, but in a way that shares the blockchains unique ledger-like features. This means apps that can be decentralized, potentially owned by no company and no country, and yet globally accessible, secure, transparent, as well as many more incredible characteristics.
This is the building of a new economy, a "world computer", allowing a myriad of decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO).
It should not be frightening to people or governments, but in a way that should be thought of as innovative, streamlined, better, with exciting opportunities for business growth and information security, including a country’s most precious information. This is a technology that reflects a rising tide that lifts all boats.
It seems clear now that Ethereum is becoming a technological standard for a combined industry that will soon be worth trillions.
Examples of ecosystems growing out of Ethereum public blockchain:
- Mega uber supercomputing
- Fight counterfeiting
- Self-organizing company
- Network and secure intellectual property (uncencorable)
- Superior prediction
- Super auditing (records cannot be altered)
- Digitized perks and asset value (compatible with IoT and tokenize markets such as fiat currencies, premium memberships or gold)
- Fair bets (e.g. contract-based casino)
- Better loans and credit (P2P without middleman, global scope)
- Video game economy
- Banks and charity (e.g. United Nations funds for aid)
- Mobile text/payment/browsing (open global financing system)
- Asset management and investing (The complex economy emerging around Ethereum's ERC tokens may make it difficult to decide with which to invest, hold, secure, etc. Expert digital asset management are emerging to assist, creating services such as “index” funds to help)
- Empowering creators (ownership and control by the content creators, while at the same time novel, cost effective, ways for content creators to reach agreements with producers, directors, actors, crew and be able to define royalty and rights management in a way that is transparent and fair)
- Open world knowledge base (e.g. Wikipedia more accurate, uncensored, decentralized, and more detailed, by rewarding strong contributions and peer review.)
- Matchmaking (e.g. global job market or dating)
- Ad tokens (e.g. Brave web browser basic attention token)
- Internet of Things (share anything and be compensated)
Most other blockchains, such as Bitcoin (despite RSK Rootstock add-on), Dash, Monero, Litecoin, Ripple, are not Smart contract platforms, and therefore, are not competitors for such a market."

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yesterday by eocas
The Smartest Americans Are Heading West - Bloomberg
Three cities in Colorado — a state whose fortunes have been tied to the boom and bust of oil, gas and other commodities — are among the top 10 leading destinations for the nation’s best and brightest as old cow and mining towns morph into technology hubs, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. Another Colorado city is plotting a 21st century revival.
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