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Beyond 800 words: prototyping new story formats for news
Part 4 — what we learnt about young audiences and how to write better news
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22 hours ago by dogwonder
‘Maintaining’ the Future of Museums – Chad Weinard – Medium
Gathered notes and images from a talk at MuseumNext, NYC. When there was a call for ideas on the future of museums, I couldn’t help myself. What better place to talk about infrastructure than an innovation conference? Thanks to Jim and all at MuseumNext for inviting me. TL;DR Let’s stop with the shiny projects. Let’s take the best of museum culture and the best of innovation culture, and get to work innovating on infrastructure.
museumnext  innovation 
yesterday by stacker
Editorial: Bellevue’s GIX grad school is a smart US-China educational partnership | The Seattle Times
"The United States’ escalating tensions with China highlight the value of GIX, the graduate school launched in Bellevue by the University of Washington, Microsoft and Tsinghua University," writes The Seattle Times Editorial Board. Vikram Jandhyala, co-executive director of GIX and UW vice president for innovation strategy, is quoted.
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yesterday by uwnews
Blog about startups
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2 days ago by dexter
Board of Innovation Business Cards
Board of Innovation have come out with a deck of cards to help you brainstorm innovative ideas with great business examples, they also have 52 actions for intrapreneurship (H/T BDD James Green)
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2 days ago by JohnDrake

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