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Et si on arrêtait la publication des résultats trimestriels ? Donald Trump défend le projet - Economie
Et si on arrêtait la publication des résultats trimestriels ? Donald ...

Et si on arrêtait la publication des résultats trimestriels ? Donald ...  L'Usine NouvelleFull coverage
2 hours ago by SergioWerner
Gfycat and Overwolf team up to make instant gaming GIFs | GamesBeat
Gfycat and Overwolf team up to make instant gaming GIFs

The popular website Gfycat and PC game extension creator Overwolf are launching a way to make it easy for players to create instant gaming GIFs, which gamers share on social media for bragging rights for victories or funny fails.

Animated GIFs are the silly moving images associated with Internet memes in the 31-year-old graphics interchange format. GIFs are often the progenitors of viral internet memes. Gfycat has more than 2.5 million creators who have produced more than 40 million GIFs that reach more than 180 million monthly viewers.

Gfycat and Overwolf today released a new integration that allows players to instantly produce high-quality GIFs of their best gaming moments in real time.

“Products for gamers are a major priority at Gfycat,” said Gfycat’s CEO, Richard Rabbat, in a statement. “We partnered with Overwolf because of the extensive in-game services their platform enables, along with their long history in the PC gaming space.”

Above: Gfycat captures Fortnite fun.

Image Credit: Gfycat

Gfycat has been innovating GIFs for years, changing them from slow, smeared visuals into quality video loops, indistinguishable from full-quality footage. In the past, gamers were forced to record their games (typically using a screen record), and then manually create and cut videos, before converting them into GIFs via’s creator tools.

But with the new tools, Gfycat expects a lot more gaming content thanks to Overwolf, which is a PC platform for gamers providing access to tons of in-game tools, apps and extensions. The company works with hundreds of developers around the world to improve gaming experiences and player results in many popular games. With Gfycat’s integration in Overwolf, gamers can now easily and quickly create high-quality GIFs straight from their game’s end-screen.

“Besides gaming, players love nothing more than to share their experiences” said Overwolf’s CEO, Uri Marchand, in a statement. “Our partnership with Gfycat will bring best-in-market GIF creation tools into Overwolf, enabling millions of players to quickly create and share their best (and worst) moments with other gamers. We’re proud to work with Gfycat and cannot wait to see the awesome GIFs our community will create.”
5 hours ago by SergioWerner
Valve registers the domain for | VentureBeat
Valve registers the domain for

It looks like Valve has registered for the domain, as SteamDB creator Pavel Djundik first spotted. By looking at the source data for the webpage (which you can do by hitting F12 in Chrome), Djundik found that is probably a real Valve product, because owns its security certificate. That SSL certificate is from August 14, which is just three days ago.

I’ve reached out to Valve to ask for details about what this product is, and I’ll update this story when and if I get an answer. 🤔

(yes, it's real)

— Pavel Djundik (@thexpaw) August 17, 2018

But it’s easy to imagine that this is a new homepage for Steam’s built-in streaming functionality. You can stream games on Steam right now, but those live videos live in the Steam app and are not as easy to broadcast to the web as those from competitors like Twitch and YouTube.

And as ResetEra forum user JaseC pointed out, that the certificate belongs to and not (Valve’s store website) makes it more likely that this is something akin to Twitch. is Valve’s social hub, and it has handled its live video initiative so far.

If Valve is planning its own video livestreaming hub that you can easily visit in browsers, then that would match some of its other recent updates. Early this summer, the company reworked its chat system to more closely resemble competitor Discord. If it is chasing down other services in the gaming space, it would make sense that it would want a piece of Twitch as well.

Finally, was completely blank except for some bold text at the top that said “Welcome to” But since Djundik tweeted about it (and since I emailed Valve to ask for answers), that text has disappeared.
5 hours ago by SergioWerner
Lectures d’été : De la halle Freyssinet à Station F
Lectures d'été : De la halle Freyssinet à Station F

Lectures d'été : De la halle Freyssinet à Station F  We DemainFull coverage
9 hours ago by SergioWerner
Partenariat entre Bpifrance et Enterprise Singapore
Partenariat entre Bpifrance et Enterprise Singapore

Partenariat entre Bpifrance et Enterprise Singapore  Affiches ParisiennesFull coverage
10 hours ago by SergioWerner
Spyro Reignited Trilogy delayed two months to November 13 | GamesBeat
Spyro Reignited Trilogy delayed two months to November 13

Activision Blizzard announced today that Spyro Reignited Trilogy will now be coming out on for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on November 13, about two months later that its planned release date of September 21.

Spyro Reignited Trilogy contains remakes of the original Spyro 3D platforms that released on the first PlayStation. Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy proved that a similar package could be a hit last year when it sold millions of copies. Spyro Reignited Trilogy could find similar success, but fans will have to wait for it a little longer.

Despite the delay, Spyro Reignited Trilogy will still release in time for the lucrative holiday season. The new release date moves Spyro further away from competition like Marvel’s Spider-Man, which releases on September 7. It’s biggest November competition will come from Fallout 76, which releases on November 14.

Along with Crash Bandicoot, Spyro gave the PlayStation brand 3D platformers that could compete with Nintendo series like Mario and Banjo-Kazooie. After the original PlayStation days, the series went multiplatform, just like Crash Bandicoot. The series saw a drop in quality and popularity until Spyro starred in the Skylanders series, which started the toys-to-life fad. But that franchise outgrew Spyro, and his name and likeness became less prominent in later installments. The last Spyro game outside of Skylanders, The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon, released in 2008.

“I really hoped that you would be rescuing dragons and scorching Rhynocs sooner, but the Trilogy needs more love and care,” Reignited Trilogy developer Toys for Bob’s co-head, Paul Yan, noted in a blog post on Activision Blizzard’s site. “In November when you’re exploring the Dragon Realms, Avalar, and the Forgotten Worlds, we know you’ll agree the extra time was worth the wait.”
12 hours ago by SergioWerner
Google is reportedly developing its own Amazon Echo Show | VentureBeat
Google is reportedly developing its own Amazon Echo Show

Google’s ostensible answer to Amazon’s screen-touting Echo Show and Amazon Echo Spot launched earlier this year: smart displays, Android Things-powered devices made by third-party partners like Lenovo, LG, Sony, JBL, and imbued with Google Assistant capabilities. (We reviewed the first, the Lenovo Smart Display, in July.) But if rumors are to be believed, the Mountain View company is prepping a first-party product ahead of a reveal later this year.

Google will launch a  “smart speaker equipped with a display” in time for this year’s holiday season, industry sources told Nikkei. According to 9to5Google, the firm’s first smart display will sport a front-facing camera, two microphones, a screen “inline or larger” than the Lenovo Smart Display’s 10-inch LCD panel, and potentially a battery. It’ll reportedly support the standard array of Google Assistant commands, such as “play a YouTube video” or “shuffle my music,” and will be fabricated in Taiwan by Pegatron, one of Apple’s manufacturing partners.

Details are otherwise scarce right now, but Nikkei said that Google has ambitious rollout goals for the upcoming speaker, with plans to ship “some [three] million units” in the months following its unveiling.

If the company were to meet those goals, it’d far outpace its competitors in the screen-equipped speaker market. Amazon managed to ship only 315,000 Echo Show units last year, according to research firm Canalys.

So far, Google’s homegrown Google Home lineup has consisted exclusively of voice-controlled products. The Google Home — the first out of the gate in November 2016 — compliments the Google Home Mini, a more compact and affordable speaker that debuted in October 2017. On the high end, there’s the Google Home Max, a premium, $400 bookshelf speaker with audio inputs and self-calibrating soundstage tech.

Speakers can only do so much, of course. In our review of the Lenovo Smart Display, we found its smart suggestions — follow-up questions that surface at the bottom of the screen — incredibly handy. Being able to visualize apps such as Google Translate, Allrecipes, and Maps made navigating them a whole lot easier, and we especially like the ease with which the speaker switched between apps like YouTube and Google Photos.

Google certainly has momentum on its side — it shipped and estimated 5.4 million smart speakers in Q2 2018, besting Amazon for the second quarter in a row — but time will tell whether it can translate that success to a new form factor.
13 hours ago by SergioWerner
Apple says Australian teen hacked corporate network but did not take customer data | VentureBeat
Apple says Australian teen hacked corporate network but did not take customer data

SYDNEY/SAN FRANCISCO (By Byron Kaye and Stephen Nellis, Reuters) – Apple said on Friday no customer data was compromised after Australian media reported a teenager had pleaded guilty to hacking into its main computer network, downloading internal files and accessing customer accounts.

The boy, 16, from the southern city of Melbourne, broke into the U.S. computer giant’s mainframe from his suburban home many times over a year, The Age newspaper reported, citing statements by the teenager’s lawyer in court.

The teen downloaded 90 gigabytes of secure files and accessed customer accounts without exposing his identity, the paper said.

Apple contacted the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation when it became aware of the intrusion, The Age said, quoting statements made in court. The FBI then referred the matter to the Australian Federal Police (AFP).

The report said an AFP raid on the boy’s family home produced two laptops, a mobile phone and a hard drive that matched the intrusion reported by Apple.

The sensitive documents were saved in a folder called “hacky hack hack”, the report said.

It said the boy had boasted about his activities on the mobile messaging service WhatsApp.

An Apple spokesman said the company’s information security personnel “discovered the unauthorized access, contained it, and reported the incident to law enforcement” without commenting further on the specifics of the case.

“We … want to assure our customers that at no point during this incident was their personal data compromised,” the spokesman said.

The AFP declined to comment because the matter was before the court. A court spokeswoman also declined to comment other than to say the teenager would be sentenced on Sept. 20.

The boy’s name could not be made public because he was a juvenile offender.
15 hours ago by SergioWerner
Angry Birds maker Rovio says revenue plunged 17% in Q2 but games showed signs of recovery | GamesBeat
Angry Birds maker Rovio says revenue plunged 17% in Q2 but games showed signs of recovery

Finland’s Rovio reported a sharp drop in revenue for the three months ending in June as revenue from the hit Angry Birds movie continued to ebb. But the company said gaming revenue jumped 6.4 percent in the quarter, offering a hopeful sign to investors.

In its earnings report released today, the company said it had $81.7 million in revenue for the second quarter, down from $98.09 million for the same period one year ago. Rovio CEO Kati Levoranta said in a statement that such a drop was anticipated because the company had experienced a peak in revenue from the 2016 Angry Birds movie in the same quarter a year ago.

By contrast, gaming revenue continued to recover, led by Angry Birds 2. The company had $74.31 million in gaming revenue in Q2, up 6.4 percent from a year ago. Daily active users rose to 8.8 million, up just a tick from 8.7 million in the previous quarter.

The company noted that it has struck new branding deals recently that it hopes will nudge such revenue back up as it continues work on an Angry Birds sequel which is scheduled for release in 2019 and is currently in production. And it continues to invest in Hatch, its spinoff that offers a livestreaming game service.

Overall, the company stuck to a full-year projection for revenue that had shocked investors back in February when the company said revenue overall was likely to fall. It was not the news most wanted to hear after the company managed to IPO last fall.

Its stock remains down by more than half since its public debut last September.
16 hours ago by SergioWerner
Razer launches new $90 Mamba Elite gaming mouse | VentureBeat
Razer launches new $90 Mamba Elite gaming mouse

I was in the grocery store last night, and I already saw Halloween candy. Why am I telling you this? Because the calendar may say August, but retailers and product companies like Razer are getting ready for the fall. And that means it’s time to roll out new products so that they are on shelves and online stores when the gift-giving holidays arrive.

That’s where Razer’s refresh Mamba mouse comes in. The Mamba Elite is a complete update of that popular device, and it is shipping now for $90.

If you’re wondering what makes this Mamba so “Elite,” the big reason is that it uses Razer’s 5G Advanced Optical Sensor that is in the excellent DeathAdder Elite from 2016. Of course, like all mouse manufacturers, Razer sources its sensors from Pixart. But I can vouch for its performance and accuracy in real-world scenarios.

On top of the improved sensor, Razer is re-engineering the body of the Mamba to improve its ergonomics. It is also adding grippy side textures, its Omrom mechanical mouse switches, and enhanced Chroma lighting — all of which you will find on other Razer mice like the DeathAdder Elite, the Lancehead, or the Basilisk.

I am not in love with the last-generation Mamba. I find its shape uncomfortable, and I don’t feel as accurate with it as I am with the DeathAdder Elite or Logitech’s current mouse lineup. So I’m glad that Razer is doing an Elite version. I’m not sure if it’s worth $90 in a world where plenty of comparable alternatives are selling for $70.

Now, if you’ll excuse me. Those spooky Reese’s Pumpkins in the cupboard are calling my name.
yesterday by SergioWerner
Projection en plein air de «120 Battements par minute» à la Station F-MR |
Projection en plein air de «120 Battements par minute» à la Station ...

Projection en plein air de «120 Battements par minute» à la Station ...  Patwhite.comFull coverage
yesterday by SergioWerner
Twitch glitch may have exposed some of your messages to other users | VentureBeat
Twitch glitch may have exposed some of your messages to other users

Twitch is warning users that it may have exposed some of their messages to other users. The livestreaming site has sent out emails today to a number of its broadcasters about a bug that would misfile older messages so that other people could download them and read them.

I reached out to Twitch for a comment, and a company spokesperson says that it has fixed the bug. It also explained that most of the exposed messages were promotional announcements that went out to everyone who subscribes to certain channels. But it’s possible that this also affected private communications featuring more sensitive information as well.

Here’s the full statement from Twitch’s spokesperson.

“In May, we removed a legacy feature called Messages and provided users the ability to download an archive of past messages. Due to a bug in the code that generated the message archive files, which has since been fixed, a small percentage of user messages were included in the wrong archives. The primary use case for Messages was promotion; streamers sending out mass communication to subscribers for example, and the majority of messages that were unintentionally provided to another user fall into that category. We have notified users via email and provided them the affected messages for review. Protecting our users’ privacy is important to us and we have taken actions to ensure this kind of error does not happen in the future.”

Some Twitch streamers are talking about the warning from Twitch on social media. Some note that they only had one misfiled message while others say that they have entire folders of messages that other people could have accessed.

I had an ENTIRE FOLDER of incorrectly delivered messages. It was all old information to Rocket League/LoL games and my retired Snapchat, so thankfully nothing current, but y'all, double-check if you got that email.

— Elspeth Eastman (@elspetheastman) August 16, 2018

If this bug affected you, Twitch sent a warning message. Check your email, which will provide instructions on how to see which of your messages were vulnerable.
yesterday by SergioWerner
EY plots huge global expansion for Riverview - Legal Futures
Price: People are underestimating what the Big Four can bring to a model like Riverview

Riverview Law is set for a huge global expansion over the next five years once EY completes its acquisition, the partner who is to head the new business has said.

Chris Price, EY global head of alliances – tax, told Legal Futures that the plan was to increase staff numbers from 100 to 3,000.

The deal was unveiled last week and Mr Price is to become chief executive of EY Riverview.

He said EY’s major service centre in Bangalore – which is also EY’s centre for artificial intelligence and robotic process automation – would be involved “straight away so they can help us understand what further cost benefits they can bring to Riverview model”.

The plan is to use the UK as the base for the expansion, building out from the current Riverview headquarters on the Wirral to other places in the UK, although Mr Price said Brexit might mean EY needs a continental European centre as well.
innovation  competition  accountants  robo 
yesterday by JordanFurlong
Riverviewey - For the in-house lawyer, by LBC Wise Counsel:
It looks like Riverview have done a great deal with EY and good luck to them. Setting up a business when the market is not established, funding it when it isn’t profitable and investing in creating a culture where people can thrive is a huge achievement. In my own small way, I have an insight into what that might mean. Well played Riverview, very well played indeed.

But for me the biggest aspect of the deal is not the validation of the Riverview model or the ideas that Karl has always cheerfully shared; it is that Riverview, if they do not want to, no longer have to sell to General Counsel. Now they have a world of CFOs on speed-dial.

The deal between EY and Riverview does not change the world, but it is indicative of the end of the search for simple answers from atop the tall fence and a wider acceptance that change is made on the ground, a business call, muddled, robust and imperfect, but what being in business is all about.
accountants  innovation  competition 
yesterday by JordanFurlong
PUBG Mobile passes 100 million downloads, celebrates by hiding in a bathroom | GamesBeat
PUBG Mobile passes 100 million downloads, celebrates by hiding in a bathroom

PUBG Mobile has surpassed 100 million downloads on iOS and Android. Publisher Tencent Games revealed that it has zipped past that milestone in fewer than 4 months since its debut on smartphones and tablets. PUBG Mobile competitor Fortnite hit 100 million downloads on iOS alone in late July, according to data-tracking service Apptopia.

PUBG Mobile is a scaled-down version of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds from The PUBG Corporation. That military-style shooter ignited the battle royale genre, in which hundred players drop onto an island and win by outlasting everyone else in a fight to the death. In March, PUBG made the leap from PC and Xbox One to iOS and Android, and it has already generated more than $50 million in revenue, according to intelligence firm Sensor Tower.

“We want to thank our committed development team at Lightspeed and Quantum Studios and especially thank the devoted players around the world that continue to inspire us with their passion and dedication,” PUBG Mobile general manager Vincent Wang said. “We will continue to set the bar for mobile gaming and look to deliver even more great contents to our players later this year.”

That new content should help PUBG Mobile make even more money. When it debuted, it did not include any in-game purchases, but its developers have since introduced cosmetic items that enable players to customize their characters. In June, spending on PUBG Mobile saw a 365-percent increase thanks to the launch of a premium progression pass that is popular in other battle royale shooters like Fortnite.

And throughout this month, PUBG Mobile has partnered with Paramount Pictures for a sponsored event based on the hit Tom Cruise action film Mission: Impossible – Fallout.

While Fortnite has won the popularity contest (and all the money that goes with that), developer Epic Games is taking a chance when it comes to the Android version of that competitor. Instead of launching through the Google Play store, Epic is debuting its own launcher that fans will have to download and install separately. That could give PUBG Mobile an edge on Google’s mobile operating system.
yesterday by SergioWerner
Clifford Chance launched IGNITE
Clifford Chance has launched IGNITE on August 1st, a new London-based training contract focused on Legal Tech.

The Magic Circle firm is the first in the legal sector to offer a training contract centered on Legal Tech.

The programme – which is currently accepting applications – is geared towards individuals with an aptitude for tech and interest in technology areas such as artificial intelligence, fintech and coding.

The new scheme will mirror the structure of a regular training contract but have a specific focus on Legal Tech. Trainees will be given time away from fee-earning to gain the necessary training, support and expertise in the field of Legal Tech. Upon qualification, trainees will have the opportunity to join one of the firm’s main practice areas which include finance, corporate, capital markets, litigation & dispute resolution, real estate and tax, pensions and employment incentives.

The launch of the programme comes at a time of increasing convergence between the legal and tech world. Michael Bates, regional managing partner said: “We know we must continually challenge ourselves to guide our clients through game-changing opportunities and risks, both now and into the future. Legal Tech is changing the face of our industry and we want to be at the forefront of that change. We’re committed to driving a culture that embraces digital thinking across each of our practice areas and we hope that these trainees will go on to make a significant change in their practice areas upon qualifying.”
it  firms  innovation 
yesterday by JordanFurlong
Le Handitech Trophy2018: Un évènement incontournable pour soutenir une vision inclusive de l’innovation
Le Handitech Trophy2018: Un évènement incontournable pour ...

Le Handitech Trophy2018: Un évènement incontournable pour ...  Miroir SocialFull coverage
yesterday by SergioWerner

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