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Essential guide to start-up funding stages - Innovate UK
publie un Guide portant sur le financement des startups. Merci à David Carter pour l'info!
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Creative, Digital & Design. - innovateuk
The Digital Catapult wants to hear from any small or medium sized businesses interested in developing innovative approaches to digitising scientific collections for its Pit Stop with Cisco and the Natural History Museum London happening in February.
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UK Business Innovation Projects - Technology Strategy Board - innovateuk
This data includes all funding provided by Innovate UK for innovation projects (except closed KTP projects, which will be added in due course). The projects are entered into the system once contractual arrangements have been completed and this database is updated monthly. The data may differ from information featured elsewhere in this website under 'Competition results' as successful competitors may withdraw, or may fail to meet qualifying conditions, before the start of a project.
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Gateway to Research
Welcome to the RCUK gateway to publicly funded research
Search for and analyse information on the latest innovative research in the UK
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Solving Business Problems with Environmental Data - innovateuk
As part of the Technology Strategy Board’s competition to fund feasibility studies relating to the use of environmental data to solve business challenges the environmental data owners have compiled a list of the types of data they have available for use in the UK. Some of this data is freely available and other sets may incur a charge for access.

Here is a small selection of the type of data that could be useful to your business.
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National Contact Points - innovateuk
National Contact Points are UK publicly funded and offer an accessible, free and confidential service for all types of organisations interested participating in Horizon 2020. National Contact Points will give impartial advice regarding European funding, tailored to each individual business and organisation.
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