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Inlining SVG background images in CSS with custom properties
So now I’ve got the same SVG source inlined in two places. That negates any performance benefits I was getting from inlining in the first place. That’s where Trys comes in. He shared a nifty technique he uses in this exact situation: put the SVG source into a custom property!
fridayfrontend  css  cssbasics  svg  inline  customproperties  variables 
4 days ago by spaceninja
HTML Includes That Work Today
Despite the fact that this markup starts out as an `iframe`, if you inspect the graphic above using developer tools, you’ll see the SVG markup for the icon, inlined right in the HTML DOM, with no `iframe` element to be found. This is because the code uses an `iframe` to load the file, and an `onload` event to inject the `iframe`'s content just before the `iframe` in the HTML, before deleting the `iframe` itself.
fridayfrontend  javascript  html  iframes  inline  includes  svg 
4 days ago by spaceninja
Inline SVG... Cached | CSS-Tricks
I wrote that using inline icons makes for the best icon system. I still think that's true. It's the easiest possible way to drop an icon onto a page. No
css  svg  browser  cache  cached  icons  inline 
9 days ago by jonrandy
Digging Into The Display Property: The Two Values Of Display
We talk a lot about Flexbox and CSS Grid Layout, but these layout methods are essentially values of the CSS display property, a workhorse of a property that doesn’t get a lot of attention. Rachel Andrew takes a better look in a short series.
fridayfrontend  display  flexbox  cssgrid  grids  layout  inline  blocks 
11 days ago by spaceninja
Inline IL ASM in C# with Roslyn | xoofx
Source code for Roslyn changes is available on github Source code of the example program is available in this gist In the past years I have been using and abusing a lot patching assemblies for...
roslyn  inline  embedded  il  assembly  language 
22 days ago by gilberto5757
Inline types and functions in Swift — Swift by Sundell
A few ways to use inlined stuff, broadly speaking, to keep scope/readability manageable and colocate tightly related code that's likely to evolve together.
lang:swift  inline  programming  readability  bestpractices 
4 weeks ago by cdzombak
Can I use both Python and SQL syntax highlighting in the same file in Vim? - Stack Overflow
if exists("b:current_syntax") finish endif " Load Python syntax at the top level runtime! syntax/python.vim " Needed to make syntax/sql.vim do something unlet b:current_syntax " Load SQL syntax syntax include @SQL syntax/sql.vim " Need to add the keepend here syn region pythonString matchgroup=pythonQuotes \ start=+[uU]\=\z(['"]\)+ end="\z1" skip="\\\\\|\\\z1" \ contains=pythonEscape,@Spell keepend syn region pythonRawString matchgroup=pythonQuotes \ start=+[uU]\=[rR]\z(['"]\)+ end="\z1" skip="\\\\\|\\\z1" \ contains=@Spell keepend syn region SQLEmbedded contains=@SQL containedin=pythonString,pythonRawString contained \ start=+\v(ALTER|BEGIN|CALL|COMMENT|COMMIT|CONNECT|CREATE|DELETE|DROP|END|EXPLAIN|EXPORT|GRANT|IMPORT|INSERT|LOAD|LOCK|MERGE|REFRESH|RENAME|REPLACE|REVOKE|ROLLBACK|SELECT|SET|TRUNCATE|UNLOAD|UNSET|UPDATE|UPSERT)+ \ end=+;+ let b:current_syntax = "pysql"
sql  vim  python  inline  syntax  highlighting 
6 weeks ago by ktr

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