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De Atramentis Brilliant Violet Copper: Ink Review - Goulet Pens Blog
“The purple hue of this ink is so pretty, and I felt like the copper shimmer really complimented it. I was definitely a fan of this fun ink! I will say, it was a bit of a pain to clean out of my pen afterwards, and it took some effort to get the shimmer out of my feed so I wouldn’t suggest this ink for anyone looking for something super low maintenance.”
ink  shimmer  gouletpens  2018  copper  wishlist 
4 days ago by handcoding
A mystery supply
The mystery item in this photograph is a household object of sorts that I turned into a “supply” — something at home in the world of stationery and office supplies.
ink  Museum-of-Supplies  stationery 
5 days ago by M.Leddy
NEW COMIC! - Diagram of my family's bed sleeping positions
comics  ink  art  illustration  comix  cartoon  comic  from twitter_favs
13 days ago by briantrice

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