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(326) Kaweco Squeeze & Piston Converter - a comparative review - YouTube
This video offers a pretty good comparison of Kaweco’s piston cartridge converters to other converters. (Lamy’s screw-piston converter, for instance, looks pretty solid.)
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10 Fountain Pen Hacks You Need To Try! - YouTube
This video from Goulet Pens has some pretty good tips!

“1. Using a Bulb syringe for cleaning a Cartridge/Converter pen (00:11)
☆ “2. Flipping the nib over when writing on cheap paper (00:43)
☆ “3. ‘Shake down’ your pen to get it flowing (01:09)
“4. Remove the converter and fill directly from the bottle/sample (01:35)
“5. Diluting highly saturated inks to improve their behavior (01:57)
“6. Keep your fountain pens completely full or completely empty before flying (02:28)
“7. Cleaning out your demonstrator pen cap (02:57)
“8. Dipping the pen in water/ink bottle to get it flowing again (03:29)
“9. Flood the feed to get a more saturated ink (03:49)
“10. Let out a couple of drips of ink after filling (04:09)”
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