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Two hospitalized after exposure to chemical at San Jose high school wrestling match
SAN JOSE, Calif. - Cleaning chemicals could be the culprit behind a hazmat incident Friday night at a high school wrestling match in San Jose that sent two people to the hospital, fire officials said.

Crews responded to the William C. Overfelt High School gym shortly before 11 p.m. and found about two dozen people complaining of irritation to their eyes and throats, a San Jose Fire Department spokesperson said Saturday.

The gym was evacuated and 10 patients were evaluated at the scene. Two people, including one juvenile, were taken to a hospital for treatment, a spokesperson said.

A bleach or ammonia cleaner recently used to clean the wrestling mats is believed to have caused the irritating fumes, fire officials said.
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4 weeks ago by dchas
That Ain't Working, That's The Way You Do It - dapperyklutz - Kingsman: The Secret Service (2015) [Archive of Our Own]
"Eggsy mother hens Harry, not the the other way around. Harry gets into trouble to see how much many ulcers Eggsy can develop in one mission and Merlin just goes "now you know how I feel" and Eggsy is just HARRY NO HARRY STOP FUCKS SAKE HARRY WHERE IS YOUR CHILL."
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october 2019 by katereis
dancing on the legs of a new-born pony. - ariadnes_string - Suits (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
In which Harvey breaks his arm and Mike has a caretaker streak as wide as the Grand Canyon.
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october 2019 by katereis
Being injured, still.
> Long enough to make me wonder, am I even an athlete anymore?

​> At its core, I think being an athlete is about commitment to pursuing what your body and mind are capable of.
keavy-mcminn  injuries  training 
october 2019 by jasdev
Soon You'll Get Better - Hippiebuckyharrington - Stranger Things (TV 2016) [Archive of Our Own]
Steve Harrington nearly looses the man he loves during the horrible battle of Starcourt. And he couldn't get to him in time, couldn't stop the mind flayer from hurting him. So Steve does the only thing he can do, and refuses to leave his side while he recovers in the hospital.
fix-it  steve/billy  injuries  hospital-bound  5k  not-death 
september 2019 by katereis
Scientists still puzzled by the causes of osteoarthritis, but new ideas emerge
August 12, 2019 | The Globe and Mail | by ALEX HUTCHINSON
Alex_Hutchinson  exercise  fitness  injuries  osteoarthritis  running 
august 2019 by jerryking
Chlorine Odor Sends Two To Valley Hospital
A strong odor of chlorine inside of the Village of Ridgewood’s Waste Water Treatment Facility, located at 561 Prospect Street, Glen Rock, caused multiple employees of the facility to feel ill on Saturday morning. This resulted in emergency response by Glen Rock PD, Glen Rock FD, Glen Rock EMS, and the Bergen County Hazmat Unit.
Two of the workers overcome by fumes were transported by ambulance to The Valley Hospital for treatment. The source of the odor remains under investigation by FD and Hazmat personnel.
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august 2019 by dchas
23 sent to hospital in Butte due to a carbon monoxide leak
BUTTE- At least 23 people were taken to the hospital, and a hotel was evacuated after a carbon monoxide leak.

The original call happened around seven-thirty Saturday morning at the Quality Inn and Suites. Fire crews were called back multiple times along with Northwest Energy around 2-thirty Saturday afternoon to more calls of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Three men called 911 Saturday morning after they experienced severe symptoms of carbon monoxide exposure, including red skin, vomiting, and loss of motor function.

The men were removed from the room, and the fire department evacuated that wing of the hotel.

The fire department says they went into hazmat operating procedures and located the source of the leak, a boiler in the pool room.
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july 2019 by dchas

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