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Find out Why There's Pain After a Steroid Shot
Why Cortisone Flares Occur

There are two causes of a cortisone flare:

Needle Puncture. Placing a needle through the skin causes an injury to the body. Your body may react to this needle injury with inflammation and pain.
Crystallization. Injected cortisone can form crystals, which can irritate the soft tissues, including the lining of joints (the synovial tissue). This tissue can become inflamed, causing a reaction called crystalline synovitis.
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The Absurdly Underestimated Dangers of CSV Injection
wow! didn't know this about csv - can execute formula, make external requests, etc.
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5 weeks ago by teffalump
分散システムのFault Injectionの話 NTTデータテクノロジーカンファレンス2017で発表する際に用いたプレゼン資料
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