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5 days ago by krishnau
Lookfantastic | Luxury Beauty | Premium Skincare | Leading Haircare Brands
I use this site for finding the ingredient lists and reviews of more "conventional" beauty products.
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11 days ago by atelathehun
Sal de Mar (Sea Salt) – Rancho Gordo
Essential sea salt chunks from ancient salt mines in the Yucatan. From a women's cooperative in the Yucatan comes these glorious chunks of pure sea salt goodness. You can use a fancy salt grinder to pulverize the chunks, or do as the Mexicans do and keep a bowl handy near the stove and just add a rock to whatever is bu
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4 weeks ago by joshre
Heirloom Black Beans — Masienda
These heirloom black beans from Oaxaca are the most flavorful we've ever
tried. Grown alongside corn and squash, they are an integral piece to the
milpa tradition, one of the world's oldest and most sustainable
agricultural systems. By growing these three crops together, farmers are
able to maintain the overall health of their soil to produce an abundance
of deeply flavorful and nutritionally holistic crops.
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4 weeks ago by joshre
Heirloom Blue Cónico Corn — Masienda
Grown in the highlands of Atlacomulco in Estado de México, cónico has long
been coveted for its application to tortillas--especially the blue
varieties now endemic to the region.

Masienda’s partner grower, Armando, maintains a 5 hectare milpa that has
been in his family for five generations (which is as far back as he can
personally trace). Armando almost exclusively uses blue cónico for his
tortillas at home, citing a more tender texture than any other color
varietal he grows. The color also translates to the most brilliant blue of
any other landrace we've worked with. It is a household favorite at
Masienda, and one that has historically only been available in smaller

5lb bag.

By accepting delivery of the landrace maize or heirloom beans associated
with this order, recipient acknowledges and confirms that this Masienda
product shall not be propagated, cultivated or resold in strict accordance
with the Nagoya Protocol and state sales tax regulations.

PLEASE NOTE: Orders received by 2pm PT will ship the following business
day, US holidays excluded and regardless of shipping method (i.e, FedEx
Ground versus USPS Priority Express). For example, orders received on or
before 2pm PT on Tuesday will ship on Wednesday; orders received after 2 pm
PT on Tuesday will ship out on Thursday. If you require expedited shipping,
please email Thank you!

For larger orders and wholesale/foodservice, please email
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4 weeks ago by joshre

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