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City acts to improve Union Square infrastructure
City of Somerville responsible for the same kind of infrastructure work as 100 years ago
infrastructure  somerville 
4 hours ago by madamim
Submarine Cable Systems and map
Submarine Cable Systems - Below is a link to an interactive Submarine Cable Map that depicts US Domestic and International active subsea cable systems and their landing stations. In addition, below is a list of Proposed / Planned Submarine Cable Systems.
internet  infrastructure  cable  networking  international 
14 hours ago by activescott
In India, Summer Heat Could Soon Be Unbearable. Literally. - The New York Times
Indeed, a recent analysis of climate trends in several of South Asia’s biggest cities found that if current warming trends continued, by the end of the century, wet bulb temperatures — a measure of heat and humidity that can indicate the point when the body can no longer cool itself — would be so high that people directly exposed for six hours or more would not survive.

In many places, heat only magnifies the more thorny urban problems, including a shortage of basic services, like electricity and water.
infrastructure  india  climate-change 
20 hours ago by perich
Our manifesto – The ODI
Our six manifesto points will help us to achieve our vision: we want people, organisations and communities to use data to make better decisions and be protected from any harmful impacts
infrastructure  ethics  manifesto  odi  up-to-us  innovation  equity  research  data  engagement  strategy  capability 
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