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AI, edge and security share top billing at Microsoft Ignite
"Microsoft Ignite opens this morning with a blizzard of announcements, with special focus on advances in AI, IoT and edge, tempered by security"
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yesterday by jonerp
Megahubs International Index 2018 - OAG
The OAG Megahubs International Index 2018 reveals the 50 most internationally connected airports in the world.
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yesterday by areadevelopment
Anatomy of an AI System
Anatomy of an AI System - The Amazon Echo as an anatomical map of human labor, data and planetary resources. By Kate Crawford and Vladan Joler (2018)
amazon  infrastructure  ai  echo 
3 days ago by loughlin
See No Evil (supply chain article in Logic magazine)
See No Evil
by Miriam Posner
Software helps companies coordinate the supply chains that sustain global capitalism. How does the code work—and what does it conceal?
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3 days ago by edsonm
Anatomy of an AI System
Anatomy of an AI System - The Amazon Echo as an anatomical map of human labor, data and planetary resources. By Kate Crawford and Vladan Joler (2018)
amazon  infrastructure  ai  echo 
4 days ago by loughlin
Cloud repatriation – the latest push back to public cloud is analyst vaporware
"Cloud repatriation is the latest analyst inspired taking point among on-premise diehards. But is it real?"
cloud  platforms  -  infrastructure  and  architecture 
5 days ago by jonerp

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