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WiFi IR Blaster Hookup Guide -
With the advent of WiFi-connected "smart" devices, IR remotes are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Why sort through a coffee table-full of remotes when you probably have a much smarter, WiFi-connected device device sitting conveniently in your hand?

The WiFi IR Blaster is designed to connect all of those old, legacy IR-controlled devices to a WiFi network -- exposing them to a new method of control.
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17 days ago by cyberchucktx
‘Businesses Will Not Be Able to Hide’: Spy Satellites May Give Edge From Above
Jan. 24, 2019 | The New York Times | By Cade Metz.

In October, the Chinese province of Guangdong — the manufacturing center on the southern coast that drives 12 percent of the country’s economy — stopped publishing a monthly report on the health of its local factories.

For five consecutive months, this key economic index had shown a drop in factory production as the United States applied billions of dollars in tariffs on Chinese exports. Then, amid an increasingly bitter trade war between the United States and China, the government authorities in Beijing shut the index down.

A small start-up in San Francisco began rebuilding the index, lifting information from photos and infrared images of Guangdong’s factories captured by satellites orbiting overhead. The company, SpaceKnow, is now selling this information to hedge funds, banks and other market traders looking for an edge.

High-altitude surveillance was once the domain of global superpowers. Now, a growing number of start-ups are turning it into a business, aiming to sell insights gleaned from cameras and other sensors installed on small and inexpensive “cube satellites.”..... satellite analysis will ultimately lead to more efficient markets and a better understanding of the global a check on the world’s companies and governments....use satellite imagery to track everything from illegal mining and logging operations to large-scale home demolitions. .....All of this is being driven by a drop in the cost of building, launching and operating satellites. Today, a $3 million satellite that weighs less than 10 pounds can capture significantly sharper images than a $300 million, 900-pound satellite built in the late 1990s. That allows companies to put up dozens of devices, each of which can focus on a particular area of the globe or on a particular kind of data collection. As a result, more companies are sending more satellites into orbit, and these satellites are generating more data.

And recent advances in artificial intelligence allow machines to analyze this data with greater speed and accuracy. “The future is automation, with humans only looking at the very interesting stuff,” ......The start-ups buy their data from a growing number of satellite operators, and they build the automated systems that analyze the data, pinpointing objects like cars, buildings, mines and oil tankers in high-resolution photos and other images........What began with satellite cameras is rapidly expanding to infrared sensors that detect heat; “hyperspectral” sensors that identify minerals, vegetation and other materials; and radar scanners that can build three-dimensional images of the landscape below.....
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8 weeks ago by jerryking
Modifying Cheap PIR Motion Sensor to Work at 3.3V
This post shows how you can bypass the voltage regulator on your pir motion sensor and use this module at 3.3V.
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8 weeks ago by joshd
Cheap Pyroelectric Infrared PIR Motion Sensor on 3.3v
How to take a cheap 5V PIR sensor and mod it to work at 3.3V

Essential Witch Lights information
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8 weeks ago by joshd
How to Find Hidden Cameras and Spy Bugs (The Professional Way) - Sentel Tech Security
How to Find Hidden Cameras and Spy Bugs (The Professional Way) is an in depth guide on how to find and identify hidden cameras, GPS trackers, and secret audio bugs. The guide uses techniques that anyone can use, along with some low cost detectors that will find most any covert bug
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8 weeks ago by po

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