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Shannon Coulter: Tool to mass block Twitter advertisers until Alex Jones & Infowars are banned from Twitter
Good morning! To encourage Twitter to drop Alex Jones, I just blocked the Twitter accounts of every Fortune 500 company w/ a Twitter presence. Ready to mass block Twitter's most lucrative advertisers with me? There are three quick & easy ways. Instructions are in this thread.
racism  twitter  alex-jones  infowars  mass-block  online-abuse 
8 days ago by yolandaenoch
Twitter loves InfoWars
Refuses to boot the conspiracy hate group, even after acknowledging they broke Twitter's rules
twitter  infowars  politics 
9 days ago by nelson
Kara Swisher on Twitter
She puts her thumb on the problem, lack of coherent vision and values at Twitter
twitter  infowars  politics  jack 
11 days ago by nelson
Done with Twitter
Matt Haughey, one of the Internet's nicest and most thoughtful guys, has had enough
mathowie  matthaughey  twitter  nazis  politics  infowars  jack 
12 days ago by nelson
Twitter's CEO explains why Alex Jones and Infowars is still on Twitter
Infowars  from twitter_favs
12 days ago by andriak

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