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Interactive Analysis of Word Vector Embeddings
Word vector embeddings are an emerging tool for natural language processing. They have proven beneficial for a wide variety of language processing tasks. Their utility stems from the ability to encode word relationships within the vector space. Applications range from components in natural language processing systems to tools for linguistic analysis in the study of language and literature. In many of these applications, interpreting embeddings and understanding the encoded grammatical and semantic relations between words is useful, but challenging. Visualization can aid in such interpretation of embeddings. In this paper, we examine the role for visualization in working with word vector embeddings. We provide a literature survey to catalogue the range of tasks where the embeddings are employed across a broad range of applications. Based on this survey, we identify key tasks and their characteristics. Then, we present visual interactive designs that address many of these tasks. The designs integrate into an exploration and analysis environment for embeddings. Finally, we provide example use cases for them and discuss domain user feedback.
textanalysis  infoviz  visualization  vectorspace 
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