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Nice work RT : Congratulations to and for winning best Inf…
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14 days ago by miaridge
goodness RT : Great stories from the Library this week: Using big data to look at old cart…
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15 days ago by miaridge
with a slide showing datasets mapped by temporal coverage - simple but effective Great…
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17 days ago by miaridge
Illustration of continuous distributions using quantiles
"Scatterplots and kernel density plots can be combined by using beeswarm plots. ... Essentially, the function creates violin plots in which the constituent points are visible. ... An alternative to quantiles are Vincentiles, which are computed by sorting the data and splitting them in equi-populated bins (there is the same number of observations in each bin). Then the mean is computed for each bin (Balota et al. 2008; Jiang et al. 2004)."
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18 days ago by aapl
The Differences in How CNN, MSNBC, and FOX Cover the News
Cable news is a major source of information for millions of Americans. But the story you get depends on the channel you watch.
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25 days ago by MattieTK

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