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4 days ago by architektura
Google Wants to Help You Charge Your Electric Car -
To facilitate adoption of electric vehicles, people need to feel confident they can easily find a convenient public place to juice up. With Google Maps providing compatible charger locations, it could go a long way in bringing electric vehicles to the mainstream.
technology  infotainment  electric 
6 days ago by automotive
Amazon Fire TV To Integrate Into Cars By Year's End 01/09/2020
At CES, the company announced a new Fire TV Edition, able to power soundbars and be integrated into cars by late 2020. Amazon said it is partnering with Fiat Chrysler and BMW to bring Fire TV-enabled rear-seat TV sets to those vehicles.

The Fire TV system will stream from Wi-Fi and the car's built-in LTE connection, but Amazon plans to offer offline viewing, too.
amazon  fca  technology  infotainment 
9 days ago by automotive
Continental, Sennheiser Pioneer Speakerless Sound System for Vehicles
The unique system, which they put on display at the Consumer Electronics Show, fills a vehicle’s cabin with immersive sound and by eliminating the need for speakers, it saves weight, which is at a premium in the auto industry now.
continental  ces  autoshow  technology  infotainment 
10 days ago by automotive
Amazon's automotive offerings expand through Alexa Auto at CES
On Monday, Amazon announced expanded vehicle integrations of its Alexa Auto voice assistant, new in-vehicle Alexa features, partnerships on the Alexa Auto software development kit and the international rollout of the Alexa-enabled Echo Auto device.
amazon  technology  infotainment  ces  autoshow 
12 days ago by automotive
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cars  lights  technology  drive  luxury  auto  german  mercedes  screen  system  display  info  mercedes-benz  benz  lcd  namaste  car  infotainment  c-class  cabriolet  ca 
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19 days ago by architektura
The 2021 Cadillac Escalade will get an interior screen bigger than your first TV
Set for a February 2020 reveal, the new Escalade's interior gets 38 inches of OLED screen.
gm  cadillac  technology  infotainment  pipeline 
4 weeks ago by automotive
Finding a Place to Charge Your EV Continues to Get Easier |
Google is the latest to weigh in. The online service first made it possible to locate chargers last October with an update to its Google Maps app. Now, it is going a useful step further. The latest tweaks also allow you to determine whether an EV stations has the right type of plug for your vehicle, how fast it operates and whether the charger is in use or available.
technology  electric  infotainment 
4 weeks ago by automotive
AI and Blockchain: Connected Cars Data and Auto Industry
Now, picture a world where you don’t even have to make an appointment—where your local dealership was automatically notified the second your tire rolled over that blasted pothole and this notification set off a chain of automated events that allowed you to bring your vehicle in at your leisure, where a brand new tire (one that fits) and a cup of coffee would be waiting for you?  And the best part? The claim with your insurance company has already been submitted.
technology  infotainment 
5 weeks ago by automotive
Hyundai Active Road Noise Cancellation Makes Car Interiors Nearly Silent
The future of luxury automobiles seems to be nearly complete isolation from the world. Electric vehicles are already quiet inside. Even ICE powered vehicles are significantly quieter now, than in the past. Part of the reason is better noise insulation and vibration damping. Both insulation and dampers are heavy. Active noise cancelation can be added to vehicles without a significant weight penalty. Less weight means, better performance and longer range for EVs. Hyundai’s RANC makes the drive quieter and longer.
hkc  technology  infotainment 
5 weeks ago by automotive
Tech'splaining: FordPass Charging Network - Ride by Kelley Blue Book
To create the FordPass Charging Network, Ford is partnering with multiple charging station providers and charging station installation expert Greenlots. The goal is to provide a seamless discovery, connectivity, charging, and payment experience. From finding an open charging station to paying for the electricity, the idea is to simply Ford EV ownership.
fordc  technology  infotainment  electric 
5 weeks ago by automotive
Lincoln appeals to millennials and women with Phone As A Key function for Corsair
“With (Phone As A Key) in Aviator and Corsair, we’re introducing Lincoln to a broader audience of affluent millennials and, especially, women,” Gretchen Sauer, brand manager of the Lincoln Corsair, told us during a demo. 
fordc  lincoln  technology  infotainment  pipeline  wia 
5 weeks ago by automotive
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6 weeks ago by architektura
BMW pilots in-car food ordering with delivery app Olo
BMW's test comes amid bold predictions for how connected cars will transform the restaurant and retail industries. Approximately 35 million U.S. commuters — or 35% — who used connected devices did so to order food from their vehicles to pick up from a drive-thru, while 33% ordered coffee for pickup, per a survey by and Visa. Connected commuters have ordered food or coffee while in their cars an average of 65 times a year, pointing to a significant opportunity for restaurant marketers.
research  bmw  bmwc  technology  infotainment 
7 weeks ago by automotive
Prospective car buyers strong on tech adoption | Auto Remarketing
Potential buyers would consider, with 21% of those in the market for a new car or truck saying they would consider touchscreen/unified multimedia control interface. Eighteen percent would consider driver drowsiness detection, and 17% would consider automatic parking. The same number, 17%, would consider advanced driver assistance systems, 16% would consider hybrid drive, and 15% would consider emergency telematics such as eCall or OnStar.
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10 weeks ago by automotive

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