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In chatlogs, celebrated hacker and activist confesses countless sexual assaults - The Verge
‘I have drunkenly sexually assaulted or raped women — the exact number of which I am currently determining’
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yesterday by pozorvlak
Quiz: What did damage - Furry Friend or Bad Actor?
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2 days ago by rukku
Intel® Product Security Center
All Intel CPUs full of vulnerable firmware
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2 days ago by Qkn7Ua6K9289pPqt4689
Hacking Printers
This is the Hacking Printers Wiki, an open approach to share knowledge on printer (in)security.
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2 days ago by z0mbi3
GitHub - RUB-NDS/PRET: Printer Exploitation Toolkit - The tool that made dumpster diving obsolete.
PRET is a new tool for printer security testing. The main idea of PRET is to facilitate the communication between the end-user and the printer. Thus, after entering a UNIX-like command, PRET translates it to PostScript, PJL or PCL, sends it to the printer, evaluates the result and translates it back to a user-friendly format. PRET offers a whole bunch of commands useful for printer attacks and fuzzing.
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2 days ago by z0mbi3

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