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China’s leaders are softening their stance on AI - MIT Technology Review
This new, softer approach to artificial intelligence comes just over a year after the Chinese government announced an ambitious and aggressive AI plan. This blueprint called for Chinese AI researchers to lead the world by 2030, and for domestic companies to build an industry worth more than $150 billion. China’s tech industry has already embraced machine learning and AI at an impressive rate (see “China’s AI awakening”).
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7 weeks ago by gwijthoff
Estudios en Derecho a la Información
La Revista Estudios en Derecho a la Información (REDI) tiene publicaciones semestrales con manuscritos cuyo eje temático es el derecho a la información, a través de estudios caracterizados por ser multidisciplinarios y que plantean cuestiones sobre el papel de las normas jurídicas y las políticas públicas en los procesos de desarrollo institucional, impacto económico, comunicación, gobierno y poder.
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12 weeks ago by guilleten
Núm. 56 (2018)
Desacatos. Revista de Ciencias Sociales es un espacio editorial en el que se privilegia la reflexión, la polémica y las interpretaciones en el marco del conocimiento antropológico y las ciencias que se ocupan del ser humano, la sociedad y la cultura.
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june 2018 by guilleten
James Bridle: La tecnología es política | CCCB LAB
El artista británico reivindica con su obra el deber de la ciudadanía de dar forma al progreso ante las luces y sombras de la revolución digital.
information_policy  maps  democracia 
may 2018 by guilleten
Say goodbye to the information age: it's all about reputation now | Aeon Ideas
Reputation What it is / Gloria Origgi. Reputación como un pilar de la inteligencia colectiva hoy. Un ciudadano hoy requiere ser competente no tanto en veracidad sino el camino reputacional de la información, ¿la agenda de los involucrados en el camino se relaciona con credibilidad? Fijarse en la red social de conocimiento involucrada.
epistemologia  information_policy  inteligencia_colectiva  autoridad  reputacion  books 
april 2018 by guilleten
Watch It, Facebook: New EU Data Rules May Have Broad Impact - The New York Times
GDPR, the right to privacy, and the possibility that Facebook, Google, etc. will be run differently in Europe than the rest of the world to meet regulations.

the European Union's new General Data Protection Regulation, which will be enforced from May 25. The rules, approved two years ago, also make it easier for consumers to give and withdraw consent for the use of their data and apply to any company that uses the data of EU residents, no matter where it is based.
privacy  regulation  information_policy  information_economy 
march 2018 by gwijthoff
European Commission on tackling fake news
In April 2017, Vice-President Andrus Ansip in charge of the completion of the Digital Single Market described fake news as a serious problem. At the same time he highlighted the need to protect freedom of speech and trust people’s common sense. He also mentioned media literacy and quality journalism as vital tools to address the spread of fake news online.
fake_news  information_economy  information_policy 
february 2018 by gwijthoff
Alliance for Securing Democracy | The German Marshall Fund of the United States
The Alliance for Securing Democracy, a bipartisan, transatlantic initiative, aims to defend against and deter efforts to undermine democracy.
fake_news  information_policy 
february 2018 by gwijthoff
EL DISCURSO DE LA INFORMACION: LA CONSTRUCCION DEL ESPEJO SOCIAL del autor PATRICK CHARADEAU (ISBN 9788474329537). Comprar libro completo al MEJOR PRECIO nuevo o segunda mano en Casa del Libro México
books  comunicacion  politics  information_policy 
january 2018 by guilleten
Who the hell is @RVAwonk and how is she cracking the Kremlin's code? | National Observer
This was the year that transformed Donald Trump from buffoon candidate into president of the United States and sent the globe careening toward the precipice over which it now teeters. It was the year the world began to comprehend how deeply Russian propaganda has penetrated the American psyche. They used a wholly unexpected and lethal weapon — our own irresistible addiction to the Internet.
information_policy  analytics  social_media  politics 
january 2018 by guilleten
Professional Knowledge and Skills Base | CILIP
The Professional Knowledge and Skills Base is your map of the knowledge and skills in the library, information and knowledge professions. Use it as a self-assessment tool for professional development and to demonstrate your unique skill set to employers. It is also a framework for skills analysis, staff training and development plans.
competencias  information_management  information_policy  skills  gestion_publica  librarians  libraries 
june 2017 by guilleten
A Government built on knowledge, evidence and data makes better and more accountable decisions | CILIP
Basado en evidencias necesitas de competencias informacionales. The other great, and in my view underestimated, pillar of our democracy is the Civil Service. History tells us that in times of change, it is the Civil Service – with its professionalism and dedication – that keeps the machinery of Government working / Building awareness among managers and decision-makers about how to make use of those skills to deliver their goals and objectives
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june 2017 by guilleten

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