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[1605.04951] Viziometrics: Analyzing Visual Information in the Scientific Literature
Scientific results are communicated visually in the literature through diagrams, visualizations, and photographs. These information-dense objects have been largely ignored in bibliometrics and scientometrics studies when compared to citations and text. In this paper, we use techniques from computer vision and machine learning to classify more than 8 million figures from PubMed into 5 figure types and study the resulting patterns of visual information as they relate to impact. We find that the distribution of figures and figure types in the literature has remained relatively constant over time, but can vary widely across field and topic. Remarkably, we find a significant correlation between scientific impact and the use of visual information, where higher impact papers tend to include more diagrams, and to a lesser extent more plots and photographs. To explore these results and other ways of extracting this visual information, we have built a visual browser to illustrate the concept and explore design alternatives for supporting viziometric analysis and organizing visual information. We use these results to articulate a new research agenda -- viziometrics -- to study the organization and presentation of visual information in the scientific literature.
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yesterday by briandk
Monday’s Musings: The Post #BREXIT Analysis, What’s Next? - by @rwang0
"While many will attempt to blame the outcome on an ignorant non-urban voter, the results showed how much discontent the average citizen has for the political and financial elites."
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yesterday by jonerp
Sentrian | Remote Patient Intelligence
Sentrian, the first Remote Patient Intelligence Company, aspires to eliminate all preventable hospitalization by leveraging the revolution in biosensors and clinician-directed machine learning to remotely detect patient deterioration earlier and with higher accuracy.
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2 days ago by shalmaneser
Drowning in a Sea of Information — Digital Culturist
Information overload is something that’s been plaguing me for a while. It was only recently that I decided to take the time to understand why my brain doesn’t work the way it used to. I needed to do this to understand myself. The first step in admitting you have a problem is understanding that problem. I have an information problem. This is a millennial’s quest to understand information overload while struggling against it. Here’s everything I’ve learned.
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2 days ago by acemarke
Drowning in a Sea of Information — Digital Culturist
“Thoughts are bigger than the things that deliver them. Our contraptions may shape our consciousness, but it is our consciousness that makes our credos, and we mostly live by those.”
information  overload 
3 days ago by licyeus
We are in danger of repeating the same mistakes if we bemoan low attention to ‘facts’ | Paul Cairney: Politics & Public Policy
A key theme of some of the early analysis of Brexit is that many voters followed their feelings rather than paying attention to facts*.

For some people, this is just a part of life: to describe decision-making as ‘rational’ is to deny the inevitable use of heuristics, gut feelings, emotions, and deeply held beliefs.
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4 days ago by juliantait
IRMS Information Management Toolkit for Schools (pdf)
The Information Management Toolkit for Schools has been created to assist schools to manage their information in line with the current legislative frameworks. Module 1 consists of the base toolkit designed to assist schools under local authority control in their compliance with the Freedom of Information Act 2000. Module 2 consists of additional information which is designed to assist Academies in their compliance with the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and other business requirements. Module 3 consists of additional information which is designed to assist independent schools to manage their records in line with legislative requirements.
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5 days ago by terry

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