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The target="_blank" vulnerability by example
Instagram leaves its users open to a simple phishing attack
security  information 
yesterday by mwean
Making It Anywhere
Build a business, take it on your travels, have a blast.
nomad  information 
2 days ago by dpcat237
Exploring alternative Internets and unusual forms of networking in Havana | Share Lab
Three stories from Cuba of "how one isolated society manages to override this gap and establish alternative ways to access, distribute, share and enjoy digital content." - Share Lab
otf  cuba  access  censorship  open  society  havana  networks  wifi  information 
2 days ago by dmcdev
25 Essential Chrome Extensions for Web Designers - Envato
a '25 best' list of extensions for Chrome. Specially interesting maybe 'font ninja' which enables downloading of fonts
webdesign  web  design  development  chrome  google  browser  extensions  font  webfont  information  tools 
2 days ago by piperh
North Korea Unveils Netflix-Like Service With Propaganda on Demand
Called Manbang, the service delivers on-demand videos to televisions through a set-top box, Korean Central Television said in a report last week.

In the report, a narrator says that Manbang is further proof of North Korea’s “socialist cultural power,” which will allow its people to watch their country “make a leap forward every day, every hour.” - PATRICK BOEHLER and CHOE SANG-HUN, New York Times
otf  northkorea  access  propaganda  information  manbang  censorship  awareness  asia 
2 days ago by dmcdev
10 Credit Cards That Reimburse You If Your Flight Is Delayed - One Mile at a Time
Flight delays happen. These credit cards can help by paying you back when your flight is delayed, in some cases as little as three hours!
travel  information 
4 days ago by mwean

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