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DeathHacks — The Message — Medium
A few months into this slow-motion hackathon, we were celebrating my birthday. Friends put spitting smokey sparklers on cupcakes, trying to be festive. A disembodied voice from the ceiling started booming “FIRE! FIRE! FIRE!” which, as it happens, is a line from the Bradbury story. As we extinguished the sparklers and I scrambled to figure out how to stop the yelling, the phone started ringing. A man’s voice at the other end asked me for a password. This is how I learned that the hous...
information  memory  death  automation  house  computing  tom  west  data  general  soul  of  a  new  machine 
yesterday by jonty
Painted Watercolour Swatches - Jane Blundell - Artist
Some of my colour testing swatches. There are literally hundreds of artist quality watercolours available from many brands. I have tested many of them and created swatches as seen on the right. The…
watercolor  pigments  chart  painting  information  art 
yesterday by justsade
UKradon - Home
The Health Protection Agency is an independent body that protects the health and well-being of the population. The Centre for Radiation, Chemical and Environmental Hazards carries out the Health…
government  radiation  safety  maps  public  information  health  advice 
2 days ago by robertbrook
What the Web Said Yesterday - The New Yorker
The footnote, a landmark in the history of civilization, took centuries to invent and to spread. It has taken mere years nearly to destroy. A footnote used to say, “Here is how I know this and where I found it.” A footnote that’s a link says, “Here is what I used to know and where I once found it, but chances are it’s not there anymore.”
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2 days ago by agfa8x

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