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Why Too Much Data Disables Your Decision Making | Psychology Today
Two groups had to decide on accepting a loan application from a student with:
1) An unpaid debt of $5k
2) An unpaid debt of unclear value, $5k-$25k. This group could opt to wait until clear data became available. When it did, the experimenters fixed it at the same $5k.

Group 1 rejected the loan application 71%. Group 2 - only 21%!

This is why TV cliffhangers are so effective.

Evolutionarily, curiosity is useful. The downside is that we assign too much value to information. "Seeking out information comes with a downside, however, which accounts for the intriguing difference between the two groups. When data is missing, we overestimate its value. Our mind assumes that since we are expending resource locating information, it must be useful."

"Neurologically, information is addicting. Learning is associated with the release of dopamine, the same as powerful drugs like cocaine. It's why we are so vulnerable to an Internet rife with attention parasites that leave us worse for the wear."
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Looking back in anger: One year of Snowden’s leaks | Al Jazeera America
One year ago, Russia granted Edward Snowden temporary asylum after a 39-day stay for the NSA whistleblower in the transit zone at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Airport. Snowden had become stranded there while trying to flee to Latin America, where several countries had offered permanent asylum after the U.S. government filed charges against him for making off with thousands of classified documents about its surveillance programs.

Since then, the Snowden story has unfolded in dramatic ways for a nonstop 12 months — as the world reacted to the vast amount of information that his files contained — sparking revelation after revelation about some of the nation's most cherished secrets. It has also sparked a fierce policy debate over how to make intelligence organizations more accountable.
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Timeline Outline View :
From Cave Paintings to the Internet cannot save you from information overload and offers no panacea for information insufficiency. Using Internet technology, it is designed to help you follow the development of information and media, and attitudes about them, from the beginning of records to the present. Containing annotated references to discoveries, developments of a social, scientific, theoretical or technological nature, as well as references to physical books, documents, artifacts, art works, and to websites and other digital media, it arranges, both chronologically and thematically, selected historical examples and recent developments of the methods used to record, distribute, exchange, organize, store, and search information. The database is designed to allow you to approach the topics in a wide variety of ways.
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