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yesterday by bradbarrish
Multiplier effects
Why Information Grows: The Evolution of Order, from Atoms to Economies. By César Hidalgo. Basic Books; 232 pages; $26.99. Allen Lane; £20. THE question seems...
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2 days ago by aries1988
John Gray: The Friedrich Hayek I knew, and what he got right - and wrong
"Hayek was most original when he ­argued that the market is a means of discovering and transmitting information that is dispersed throughout society. It was this insight into the knowledge-creating function of markets that enabled him to formulate a decisive argument against central economic planning. … The fundamental reason for the failures of central economic planning is that economic knowledge cannot be centralised. More than the love of power or the inevitability of corruption, it is the limitations of human knowledge that make socialist planning an impossible dream. … The trouble is that it also applies to unfettered market capitalism. … Hayek may have shown the unreality of left-liberal visions of egalitarian capitalism, but it was Keynes who understood fully the vanity of liberal rationalism. …
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4 days ago by Preoccupations
Implementing ACRL’s New IL Framework: Practical Directions for Threshold Concepts | Information Literacy @ CUNY
In this breakout session, facilitated by Robert Farrell, Coordinator for Information Literacy & Assessment at Lehman College, participants began by identifying their concerns implementing the new Information Literacy Framework at their institutions. Some of these issues included: How to use the framework to make a programmatic message How to implement the framework into pedagogy (practice)/ How to craft assignments (many were disappointed with the “sandbox” promised in the new IL Framework) How to explain Threshold Concepts, and especially Threshold Concepts related to information literacy, to their faculty How to present the framework to teaching librarians and earn their buy-in How to use threshold concepts when not operating within a discipline (i.e., many of us teach at community colleges where students are mostly taking foundational and prerequisite courses, not disciplinary courses for a major) How to distinguish between the framework’s “knowledge practices” and “knowledge dispo
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4 days ago by ghardin

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