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Restaurant Menus Must Carry Calorie Counts, FDA Says - NBC
Restaurants will have to list calories right on their menus under long-awaited rules to be published by the Food and Drug Administration on Tuesday.

As expected, the rules require chain restaurants to list clear calorie information on menus. But they don’t require anything else, such as fat content, up front, and they exempt some, but not all, prepared grocery store products.

Pizza delivery chains get a little flexibility on counting the calories in toppings, but you’ll be able to see just how many calories are in movie theater popcorn and at the salad bar, as well.

It’s been one of the most contentious issues the FDA has ever had to weigh in on, commissioner Dr. Margaret Hamburg has said.
fda  regulation  health  usa  government  business  information  economics 
2 days ago by jtyost2
Computers Wrote the Caption for This Photograph, and Changed Everything
Computers at Google now have a machine-learning system that can analyze images like the one above and generate captions for them. The phrase used to caption this image? "A person riding a motorcycle on a dirt road." It might not seem like much, but it's actually one hell of an accomplishment.
ai  computation  google  image  recognition  images  information  learning  machine  teaching  technology  stream 
2 days ago by therourke
Taxonomy editor
The editor supports the most popular formats used in the industry, including SKOS (the RDF format promoted by W3C) and CSV (used by the SharePoint Term Manager)
taxonomy  data  information  editor 
2 days ago by sherbondy
Ontology editor - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Anzo for Excel (Includes an RDFS and OWL ontology editor within Excel; generates ontologies from Excel spreadsheets)

Should make an Anzo "port" for google sheets...
ontology  semantic  editor  application  information  hierarchy  data 
2 days ago by sherbondy
Sensory Substitution
David Eagleman explains how his vest works
information  visualisation 
2 days ago by roherraz
Big Data Needs a Big Theory to Go with It - Scientific American
An overarching predictive, mathematical framework for complex systems would, in principle, incorporate the dynamics and organization of any complex system in a quantitative, computable framework.
complexity  complexadaptivesystems  science  data  bigdata  guff  information  statistics  haveyouheardofthomasbayes 
2 days ago by timcowlishaw
The Daily Miscellany
A less offensive version of my favorite daily website
Entertainment  Information 
3 days ago by akennedy772
404 Not Found
To see the archetypal in an image is thus not a hermeneutic move. It is an imagistic move. We amplify an image by means of a myth in order not to find its archetypal meaning but in order to feed it with further images that increase its volume and depth and release its fecundity.
archetypes  cyberspace  information  internet  list  myth  mythos  stream 
4 days ago by therourke
Brazil begins laying its own Internet cables to avoid U.S. surveillance - The Washington Post
There's a new wrinkle in Brazil's plan to build a $185 million undersea fiber-optic cable that would connect it to Portugal and help the country avoid surveillance by U.S. intelligence authorities, reports Bloomberg: The cable will be built without the help of any U.S. companies.
brazil  information  politics  security  surveillance  teaching  territory  stream 
4 days ago by therourke
Winterizing Your Garden
The leaves have fallen off the trees, the air is cold and the holidays are fast approaching. Homeowners take a lot of time to winterize and protect their home from the long, cold winter. But what about your garden? Taking some simple steps now will help make a tremendous difference next spring! Remove weeds, dead […]

Winterizing your garden appeared first on
Charlottesville  Farm  Information 
5 days ago by cvillerealestate

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