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Creating Data Visualizations | NodeBox
Nodebox can be used to create data visuals. We will go over a few principles but let’s first visualize a set of random numbers.
python  data-science  information  visualization 
3 minutes ago by wrrn
Virginia Farmers Of The Year
Tom and Kim Nixon own Glenmary Farms in Rapidan VA.  This month they were honored as the ‘2014 Farmers Of The Year‘ by the Virginia Cooperative Extension and we want to add our own congratulations to them as well. The Nixons are very enterprising and creative farmers.  Though they farm thousands of acres, some of […]

Virginia Farmers Honored By Award appeared first on
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6 hours ago by cvillerealestate
Seminar on Agroforestry to be Hosted by VDACS
The Virginia Department of Agricultural and Consumer Services (VDACS) sponsors a lot of interesting workshops and seminars.  Some workshops  aim for an audience of new or potential farmers while other target the existing experienced farmers in the state.  On 11-8-14 they have a seminar scheduled that should attract farmers in all stages of farm experience. […]

Pastures Streams and Trees Advice appeared first on
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yesterday by cvillerealestate
IT & Information Systems - Technology Degree - Yahoo Education
What Do IT & Information Systems Majors Learn?

Majoring in IT & systems information means learning to plan, initiate, and manage projects related to information technology. Concepts you may learn, depending on the program you select are:

Administration and Management
Customer and Personal Service
Computers and Electronics
Personnel and Human Resources
Communications and Media

Having an IT degree can potentially qualify you for a career as an information systems manager. IT professionals work for large, mid-sized, and small companies. Typically, such professionals work full time in an office setting. As of May 2010, the median annual wage for IT systems professionals was around $115,780.1
Did You Know?

Nowadays, most workers use the Internet, computers, and email in some capacity while on the job. This has made qualified IT & Information systems graduates some of the most in-demand people in the technology field today.
Famous Celebrities with IT & Information Systems Degrees

Internationally famous Indonesian actor and journalist, Christian Sugiono, studied information technology while attending the Technical University of Hamburg. Sugiono is famous, primarily throughout Asia, for appearing in international films such as “Dunia Mereka” and “100 Lies to Hide a Wife.”

He has also had a successful career as a model. The actor spent six years studying IT in Germany and put his skills to work developing his own website and working as a web designer and computer programmer during his downtimes in the entertainment industry.
Is IT & Information Systems Right for You?

Think you’ve got what it takes to succeed in an IT & information systems degree program?

People who enroll in such programs typically have a love for computers and a passion for technology. But here are a few other questions you may want to ask yourself

Would you be willing to complete an off-campus internship as a member of a company’s IT staff?
Are you ready to study the ethical issues and social impacts of IT?
Are you willing to learn about IT from an international and historical point of view?
Are you okay with taking classes from different departments related to your degree, like computer science?

If this sounds like you, you may want to consider obtaining a degree in IT & information systems.
Skills Needed for IT & Information Systems

An interest in computers and technology is an important prerequisite for pursuing an IT & information systems degrees. However, most candidates who succeed in such degree programs share a few other traits in common.

Critical Thinking – The ability to employ logic and reasoning to solve complex IT problems is essential.
Systems Analysis – Being able to determine how a system should work and how changes in conditions, operation, and the environment can potentially affect outcomes is also important.
Written and Verbal Communication – Being able to communicate effectively with colleagues is vital when pursuing an IT degree.
IT  information  systems  skills 
yesterday by sitereader
A Big Article About Wee Things
Let’s take a look at how people read and interpret small visual forms, why tiny details can be hugely useful, and what principles we can apply to make all these little images and moments work for us as designers.
information  design  ux 
3 days ago by cleversimon

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