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Shift | DW.DE
What’s up on the Internet – what’s important, what’s causing fun and excitement? All is revealed in Shift – Living in the Digital Age, a weekly DW magazine showcasing the latest Internet news. It’s entertaining, it’s well-informed, it’s opinionated.
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Farms See Higher Energy Input Expenses From Fertilizer than Fuel - Charlottesville Farm Information
You might be surprised to learn that farms are spending more on fertilizer and pesticides than fuel.  The USDA Economic Research Service and the Agricultural Resource Management Survey found that the highest energy expenses come from indirect energy sources such as fertilizers and pesticides.  The agricultural farm’s share of indirect expenses is about 17.1%.  Whereas, […]

Farms See Higher Energy Input Expenses From Fertilizer than Fuel appeared first on
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Farr Institute
"high-quality, cutting-edge research linking electronic health data with other forms of research and routinely collected data"
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EU and US groups sound alarm on China cyber security rules -
The regulations would require such equipment to undergo security testing, use Chinese intellectual property and also force developers to share source codes and other sensitive data with Beijing.
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3 days ago by rrraul
Tests for Geeks - Online Assessment Tests for Programmers, Pre-employment Testing
Allows to test the IT skills of developers online before the interview and employment. PHP, HTML, JavaScript, ASP.NET, C#, Objective-C, iOS, Python assessment tests
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3 days ago by sublimino
Today I Data Mined the 17 Most Interesting Facts in the World
We built an algorithm to figure out the most interesting facts in the world.
4 days ago by bradbarrish
The Future is Learning, But What About Schooling? | Higher Ed Beta @insidehighered
"I am, in short, moving away from my earlier conviction that schooling is learning enacted for public purposes through public institutions, and moving toward a broader vision for learning as a social activity upon which society depends for its future development. I am increasingly aware that the weight of politics and public policy upon the institutions of schooling is making schools less and less likely to be the privileged place where learning occurs in the future.

The future of learning in society is virtually unlimited, at least for the foreseeable future. Learning is the conversion of information into knowledge; information, in the digital age has become a vast sea of ones and zeros; information becomes knowledge by passing through some medium that transforms the ones and zeros into a conceptually organized form.

In the past, we have thought of this transformation as a single authoritative portal, called schooling. The advent of digital culture means that this portal is now one among many possible places, virtual and physical, where information can become knowledge. The type of knowledge and skill required to negotiate this increasingly complex world is completely different from what schools have conventionally done, and schools are institutionally disadvantaged as players in this new world, in large part because of the well-intentioned efforts of school reformers.

While learning has largely escaped the boundaries of institutionalized schooling, educational reformers have for the past thirty years or so deliberately and systematically engaged in public policy choices that make schools less and less capable of responding to the movement of learning into society at large.

Standards and expectations have become more and more literal and highly prescriptive in an age where human beings will be exercising more and more choice over what and how they will learn.

Testing and assessment practices have become more and more conventional and narrow as the range of competencies required to negotiate digital culture has become more complex and highly variegated.

Teacher preparation, hiring, induction, and evaluation practices have become more and more rigid and hierarchical in an age where the teaching function is migrating out into a more individualized and tailored set of learning environments.

We are continuing to invest massively in hard-boundary physical structures in an age where learning is moving into mobile, flexible, and networked relationships. In other words, it would be hard to imagine an institutional structure for learning that is less suited for the future than the heavily institutionalized, hierarchical world that education reformers have constructed."

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Ian Hacking
Ian Hacking, philosopher of science
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5 days ago by tswaterman

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