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A client-side library to make absolutely positioned elements attach to elements in the page efficiently.
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3 days ago by blimp
A positioning engine to make overlays, tooltips and dropdowns better #hubspot-open-source
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3 days ago by blimp
Guide your users through a tour of your app.
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3 days ago by blimp
TourTip is an interactive visual guide to elements on web pages.

Instead of cluttering your interface with static help message, or explanatory text, add a pageguide and let your users learn about new features and functions.
webdesign  webdev  tooltips  help  guide  tutorial  information  tool  script 
3 days ago by blimp
Sex, monsters and outrage » Public Address
Joshua Drummond on the outrage (overhyped) about students in a sex education class being handed literature that, um, outraged some people:
By analogy, it’s a lot like students studying World War Two. Some knowledge of the Nazis' peculiar, perverted ideology and the conditions in which it flourished is necessary to understand how the war got going. But no-one’s being taught that Nazis are rad, any more than they’re being taught that unmarried women are sluts in this particular case. The lesson was – and why not have some fun with paraphrasing – intended to point out the unfortunate truth that there are a lot of dicks in the world and some of them try to force their dickery on others. I’d have thought this was a pretty important lesson, especially when it comes to sexual health, and where better to experience it than in the (relatively) safe space of a health education class?

No! said Labour education spokesperson Chris Hipkins, who thundered mildly: “It’s fine for schools to be using stuff to provoke kids into thinking but there’s a fine line between provoking critical thought and something that’s offensive. That, I think, crosses the line.”

Well, I suppose that’s up for debate. Should students be privy to the extremist views of nutcases?

What's most worrying is that, as always happens, the initial distortion gets far more broadly distributed than the correction.

Think about that: <em>the wrong stuff always gets the broader distribution.</em>
information  internet 
3 days ago by charlesarthur
The digital knowledge gap | Alexis Rossi
Regardless of access levels, this library of 4 million books is missing a lot of content from the 20th century.  Most of these books are not in print any longer, and the publishers (if they still exist) have little incentive to make digital copies available.  And according to Heald’s small study, they may not be easy to buy – at least from Amazon.

These physical books do still exist in libraries around the country, but will those libraries make digital copies and make them available to the general public — not just their own students and patrons?

If we don’t address this digital knowledge gap, we may lose access to a century of information.
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4 days ago by jtyost2
The Listener - Data Whispers on Vimeo
The Listener creates a physical space which makes tangible, and sometimes cacophonous, the discrete and near-constant data broadcast from devices such as smartphones. It exposes how this data can be used to identify and track individuals, and reveal personal information about their movements.
data  digital  media  information  security  smartphones  teaching  stream 
4 days ago by therourke
Of Patterns and Structures :: andrea resmini
"we build structures and patterns, we imagine orders.
These are not there, in the data, in re, but are a part of our individual or collective imaginary, of our professional expertise."
article  IA  patterns  information  order  criticism 
5 days ago by donutage
Librarian Networking: Transitions to College Map
Librarian Networking: Transitions to College Map Find other librarians in your area (school, public, academic) who are interested in collaborating on projects aimed at easing students' transitions into college. Want your name added to the map? Fill out this form: If you have questions, please contact Mark Robison (, Becky Richardson (, Pamela Monroe (, or Chris Sweet (
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6 days ago by ghardin

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