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Jamie McDevitt
Developer - Reactive Response Team
T +44 (0)131 243 4512
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List of Physical Visualizations
Interesting 3D objects for physics/chemistry/data visualization, by a physical object/token
physics  chemistry  3D  information  data  visualization  model  physical  passive  sculpture  art 
yesterday by asteroza
Maciej Cegłowski
Maciej Cegłowski is a Polish-American web developer, entrepreneur, speaker, and social critic, based in San Francisco, California. He is the owner of the bookmarking service Pinboard, which he calls a social bookmarking site for introverts.


He has spoken about his experience of running his own company, including listening to users from the fandom community and "failing really, really slowly", working on a project for a long time instead of looking for immediate success. Cegłowski has discussed prioritising simplicity and stability over using cutting-edge technologies for building Pinboard in order to reduce cost and allow his company to remain simple and practical for a single person to run. He also gave a talk about the negative effects of advertising being the economic foundation of the web, as a model that encourages the growth of surveillance.

Cegłowski writes a Pinboard blog on topics including new features, site growth, the benefits of paying for services in general, technical aspects of running Pinboard, and critical commentary about social websites like Facebook.
Cegłowski has discussed prioritizing speed and stability over using cutting-edge technologies for building Pinboard.
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