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What's That Steak Worth - Charlottesville Farm Information
It’s a pinch, for sure.  We shouldn’t need to consider a second mortgage in order to buy a beef roast.  But the prices just keep climbing.  According to the U.S. Dep’t of Agriculture, we are all experiencing high prices of beef and other meats at the supermarket.  And it’s a direct result of the ongoing […]

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Living the GoPro Life
After the I.P.O., GoPro’s stock price almost doubled and began to develop the characteristics of a so-called battleground stock. On one side were the believers, who, implicitly or not, endorsed the company’s branded content aspirations. (One Wall Street analyst last week called GoPro a “movement.”) On the other side were the skeptics who suspected that the stock’s rise had as much to do with a love for the product as for its real long-term prospects—cute and fancy winning out, for now, over hard and cold. They note that bigger companies are now making similar cameras (one can argue which are the best), and so they wonder how long GoPro can stay on top. The cautionary example, cited by doubters and by GoPro itself, is the Flip, the briefly ubiquitous digital camcorder, which got overtaken by smartphones and is now out of business.

The company wants to capitalize on the mass-market home-video urge, the camera’s aptitude for capturing what GoPro’s president, Tony Bates, calls “life’s great moments,” and yet retain its reputation as a kind of philosopher’s stone, capable of transforming ordinary experience into magical footage. (Two tips: “Slow it down and you look like a pro.” “The closer the better.”) In some respects, the GoPro is like the Brownie and the Polaroid, devices that democratized photography and revolutionized the way we think about the past and even the way we fashion the present, with an eye to how it will look later, when we linger over photographs of it. But the analogy comes up short, because GoPro videos aspire to go viral. You’re sharing the photos of your ski trip not just with your family and a few friends but, if you’re any good, with thousands, if not millions, of people. The GoPro, by implication, asks its users to push a little harder, as both subjects and filmmakers. Be a Hero: The premise from the start has been that you, in every way an amateur, can go pro—on both sides of the lens. It’s karaoke, but with the full Marshall stack.

The short video synonymous with GoPro is a kind of post-literate diary, a stop on the way to a future in which everything will be filmed from every point of view. Humans have always recorded their experiences, in an array of media and for a variety of reasons. Not until very recently, with the advent of digital photography and video, and unlimited storage and distribution capacity, has it been conceivable to film everything. As we now more than ever communicate through pictures, either still or moving, perhaps our lives come closer to Susan Sontag’s imagined “anthology of images.” An obvious example is the people who film concerts on their smartphones. Will they ever watch the video? And if they do will it measure up to the concert, which they half missed? Of course not. They film the concert to certify their attendance and convey their good fortune. The frame corroborates.
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Information Is Beautiful
Blog of beautiful visualisations of data on all sorts of stuff.
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Virginia Farmland Values
According to the National Agriculture Statistics Service, statewide Virginia’s agricultural farmland increased slightly in price over the past year.  They report that there has been a 0..2% increase in cropland values per acre from 2013 to 2014.   That translates to $10 per acre to now  $4460/acre.  That is slightly higher than the value of pastureland which remains at $3930/acre.   […]

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Wisdom in the Age of Information and the Importance of Storytelling in Making Sense of the World [An Animated Essay]
How we can cultivate true wisdom in the age of information? Why do great storytellers matter more than ever in helping us make sense of an increasingly complex world? Maria Popova will answer these questions in her enlighting essay on wisdom in the age of information.
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2 days ago by winnydejong

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