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13 Thesen über das offene Internet, seine Gegner und uns
Eine Ultra-Kurzversion des Essays in 13 Thesen mit jeweils weniger als 140 Zeichen:
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yesterday by klischka
Digital Natives lack online nous | Ofcom
Children are becoming more trusting of what they see online, but sometimes lack the understanding to decide whether it is true or impartial.

Ofcom's Children and Parents: Media and Attitudes report, published today, reveals that children aged 8-15 are spending more than twice as much time online as they did a decade ago, reaching over 15 hours each week in 2015.

But even for children who have grown up with the internet - so-called digital natives - there's room to improve their digital know-how and understanding.
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yesterday by inspiral
Download Letters - eBenefits Veteran's pension
This is the letter I need for Metro Action Commission
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yesterday by bobembry
Linux by Paul Reiber | ZEEF
a "goto" site about anything and everything Linux-related:
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3 days ago by gdw
TrueCrypt is safer than previously reported, detailed analysis concludes | Ars Technica
The TrueCrypt whole-disk encryption tool used by millions of privacy and security enthusiasts is safer than some studies have suggested, according to a comprehensive security analysis conducted by
Information  Security  Cryptography  Computer 
4 days ago by dltj

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