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Quantifying Synergistic Mutual Information
Virgil Griffith and Christof Koch
Springer - book chapter - paywalled
4 hours ago by jar
Hard Drop - Tetris Community & Forum
Hard Drop is a Tetris community for all Tetris players, regardless of skill or what version of Tetris you play. Forum, Wiki, Videos, Records, Strategies and more.
tetris  videogames  community  specific  sources  information 
5 hours ago by jbkcc
Bloomberg: How Americans Die
Both the data itself and the visualizations of it are fascinating. ★
visual  information  daringfireball 
yesterday by briandk
New traffic milestone for | Help | The Guardian
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yesterday by lorenzowood
The Science Of A Great Subway Map | Co.Design | business + design
Researchers at an MIT lab have devised a way to determine how well straphangers can comprehend a subway map in a single glance. Massimo Vignelli...
maps  design  heuristics  wayfinding  information  representation  visualization 
yesterday by jbkcc
Noticias Telecomunicación Satelital Mercado América Latina
Información sobre satélites celulares en el mercado de America Latina -
Noticias para comunicaciones satelitales en el mercado Latinoamericano
telecommunications  blog  information  argentina 
3 days ago by colindocherty

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