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The nonsense of 'knowledge management'
Lo que manda es sistemas de información, confunden entre información y KM, entre organización del trabajo y KM. Movimiento de consultoras, conocimiento no es un objeto, una actividad. Las escuelas de negocio prestigiosas no lidian con KM. Tácito confundido con implícito, que tiene el potencial de ser expresado. Comunidades en espacios con autonomía, ellos mismos se forman objetivos.
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7 days ago by guilleten
10 of the best romantic movies on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video right now
The best romantic movies, films, and TV shows to watch. A guide to setting the mood this with a touch of romantic streaming for Netflix, Amazon Prime, and more.
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9 days ago by gfarnell
General Architecture for Text Engineering - Wikipedia
General Architecture for Text Engineering or GATE is a Java suite of tools originally developed at the University of Sheffield beginning in 1995 and now used worldwide by a wide community of scientists, companies, teachers and students for many natural language processing tasks, including information extraction in many languages.[1]
GATE has been compared to NLTK, R and RapidMiner.[2] As well as being widely used in its own right, it forms the basis of the KIM semantic platform.[3]
text  information  extraction  parsing  toolkit 
10 days ago by sherbondy
python - Extracting an information from web page by machine learning - Stack Overflow
The most challenging part overall will be to work with DOM tree and generate the right features. Also data labelling in the right way is a tedious task. For ML models - have a look at CRF, 2DCRF, semi-markov CRF.
information  extraction  parsing 
10 days ago by sherbondy

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