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[this is aaronland] mostly drawings of airports these days...
For every Amazon order or dispatching of a car service or status update there is a Wikipedia query or someone consulting an email archive or a clown on social media being fact-checked. The list goes on. This is not simply about greater access to an ever-growing pool of information. More than that it is the ability to take for granted that the past is proximate, in a manner that is genuinely unprecented.
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Can Librarians Save Us from Fake News? - VICE
Fake news, he explained, is "news that has no basis in reality"—for instance, "the guy who goes to shoot up the pizzeria in Washington based on the notion that Hillary Clinton and her friends are running some kind of sex ring in there with children," or the false rumor that Pope Francis endorsed Donald Trump for president.

These are hoaxes, misinformation, lies. It's a category distinct from ordinary articles that have incidental untruths in them.

Fake news "is not journalism that changes over time; it's not journalism in which a reporter conveys wrong information because sources have given that reporter wrong information; none of that is fake news," Schneider said. "That's the reality of imperfect journalism, day in and day out, trying to do the best it can." The distinction, Schneider added, is intent. When a news outlet or reporter sets out to purposefully deceive or mislead, or knowingly publishes fabricated information, that is fake news.
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Free Infographic Maker - Venngage
Venngage is an easy to use Infographic Maker that lets you make beautiful Infographic Designs & Themes for free!
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