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INFOGRAPHIC - Women Owned Business Spotlight
SBA stats on women-owned businesses - number, sales, business age
ESB6  ch1  CH2  women  womenentrepreneurs  stats  statistics  data  SBA  infographic 
9 hours ago by jeromekatz
INFOGRAPHIC - What's New With Small Business - August 2018
Stats on net new jobs, export percentage, number of firms (30.2 million), demographic breakdown.
ESB6  ch1  stats  statistics  data  SBA  start-up  STARTUP  infographic 
9 hours ago by jeromekatz
Soon - Portfolio
3D Physical Infographic Installations / Data Visualization
infographic  datavis 
yesterday by DEWILLS
RN Residency Program at UNM Hospitals - Infographic
Thinking about pursuing a career in pediatric nursing? Check out our RN Residency Program spotlight.
unmh  Infographic  RN  nursing 
4 days ago by TMP
So what exactly is the value of SEO? Check out this infographic by to find out
infographic  seo  from twitter
6 days ago by profitseo
Anatomy of an AI System
The Amazon Echo as an anatomical map of human labor, data and planetary resources
infographic  writing 
7 days ago by iagor
How the Weather Channel Made That Insane Hurricane Florence Storm Surge Animation | WIRED
That short window of time belies how much tech underpins the rest of the operation, though. The studio is outfitted with a Mo-Sys camera tracking system, a physical box that attaches to a camera, and uses sensors and an IR signal to triangulate the camera’s position in a virtual space. TWC also needed specialized software to translate the Unreal Engine graphics into a broadcast-ready format.

Now that much of the groundwork is laid, expect to see more of these immersive demonstrations—and keep an eye out for the surprising amount of detail they can have.
ee  infographic  VR  animation  weather 
11 days ago by osi_info_program

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