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Self-Service Influencer Marketing Platform
Leading YouTube influencer marketing platform for brands and agencies looking for branded content on YouTube, Instagram and more.
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2 days ago by foss99
The new is here, so I’ve done a tasteful style shot to celebrate. 😇…
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12 days ago by adders
Elevating Customer and Influencer Marketing
"With these changes, create collaborative programs between these two functions. It is hard to imagine an activity that would build more trust and credibility than making it easy for customers and influencers to engage with each other—both in structured meetings and unstructured conversations and activities. Jon Reed from diginomica shared a story recently of one example of this that blew me away But, why are these things, that make so much sense when you hear about them, the exception rather than the rule?"
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26 days ago by jonerp
In-depth look by Wired at the "multibillion-dollar" world of marketing -- and the complicated tensions…
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27 days ago by andriak

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