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Srinivas Rao - The only viable long-term strategy to build a loyal...
The only viable long-term strategy to build a loyal audience in an increasingly noisy world is to be so good they can't ignore you.
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8 days ago by lwhlihu
Are you looking for the best tips, tools, and templates for a successful outreach campaign? This articl…
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I used to always think about how I could speak... - Sterling Alexander Griffin
I used to always think about how I could speak to other’s people’s audiences so they could become mine.

Aka how to get in front of someone else’s following so I could grow mine.

Now I always think about how I can do more for the audience I have...

Because if I do more for my people than anyone else...more will find their way to me.
sterling-griffin  online-business  influencer  social-media 
17 days ago by lwhlihu
Lexology: VidCon 2018: What I Learned From My First VidCon Experience - Brian Solis
At news aggregator Lexology, Farnaz Zanjani of Manatt Phelps & Phillips LLP recently wrote an overview of the 2018 VidCon conference, in particular citing Brian Solis’ keynote address.
2018  address  authenticity  conference  digital  influencer  keynote  press  publicity  trust  vidcon  brian  solis 
20 days ago by briansolis
Apply These 8 Secret Techniques to Build Your Via-
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LEAD > Schleichwerbung? Cathy Hummels akzeptiert Abmahnung
cathy kneift.

„Auch wenn wir das Influencer-Wesen für völlig überflüssig halten, heißt das noch lange nicht, dass das gesetzlich verboten sei“, so die Richterin.
26 days ago by praschl
guardian > What would you do if your teenager became an overnight Instagram sensation?
After photographs go viral, your child becomes a social-media influencer and a celebrity on Instagram. Should you step in? Parents reveal the contrasting conflicts of instant fame
27 days ago by praschl
w&v > Marken wollen stärker in Influencer Marketing investieren
Die meisten großen, multinationaler Konzerne wollen in den nächsten zwölf Monaten das Budget für Influencer erhöhen.
27 days ago by praschl

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