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Instagram influencers are driving luxury hotels crazy • The Atlantic
Taylor Lorenz:
<p>Kate Jones, marketing and communications manager at the Dusit Thani, a five-star resort in the Maldives, said that her hotel receives at least six requests from self-described influencers per day, typically through Instagram direct message.

“Everyone with a Facebook these days is an influencer,” she said. “People say, I want to come to the Maldives for 10 days and will do two posts on Instagram to like 2,000 followers. It's people with 600 Facebook friends saying, ‘Hi, I'm an influencer, I want to stay in your hotel for 7 days,’” she said. Others send vague one-line emails, like “I want to collaborate with you,”with no further explanation. “These people are expecting five to seven nights on average, all inclusive. Maldives is not a cheap destination.” She said that only about 10 percent of the requests she receives are worth investigating.

Jack Bedwani, who runs The Projects, a brand consulting agency that works with several top hospitality brands, said that he’s close with the PR manager for a new hotel and day club in Bali. “They get five to 20 direct inquiries a day from self-titled influencers,” he said. “The net is so wide, and the term ‘influencer’ is so loose.”

“You can sort the amateurs from the pros very quickly,” Bedwani said.“The vast majority of cold-call approaches are really badly written. It sounds like when you're texting a friend inviting yourself over for dinner—it's that colloquial. They don't give reasons why anyone should invest in having them as a guest.”

Some hotels report being so overwhelmed by influencer requests that they've simply opted out.</p>

There's a certain irony in content makers, who are so often asked to do stuff for free in return for "exposure", turning the tables. But I'm amazed if any hotel takes these people seriously.
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6 hours ago by charlesarthur
Mitch Miller - My best posts always get the least amount of...
(Rachel Bell sent this to our Slack group)

If you start changing up your content to get more likes, you may be fucking with the integrity of the content itself.

Remember: It's what you say and the status of the person who's saying it.

This means likely, you need to raise your status and that is more than just good content and advice. Look around you at all these influencers trying to be an influencer.

And it's cool to see. Most people I see wanting to be an influencer, do so for the right reasons. They want to do good in the world, get some significance from doing so, and make a little money too. All good.

But there's a problem...

Why are they not taken seriously enough?

You see them everywhere, you may be one of them. The majority of people in the authority/expert space are on the same level where it's obvious they are struggling (though they try to hide it).

The confusing thing is you don't even know why things aren't working properly because you are doing all the right things...

You are doing what "they" are doing but not getting the same result... why?

I think the major reason is they are still striving to get there vs having already arrived.

I don't mean arrived in any material sense, but in their head, feeling they have arrived to that place they are trying to influence on.

That's a long winded way of saying, they haven't accepted themselves to be an influencer on the level they are portraying. It's like they are straining to be where they are.

The only problem with that is people can sense it.

Never forget vibe trumps all. Humans know when someone hasn't arrived yet. Remember this mantra:

"The self is always coming through"

You may be doing all the things that person would do, but you aren't that person yet. You aren't being them, it's not part of your being.

Doing vs being

When you are being that person, the doing comes automatically.

Most people trying to be influencers today are trying to be one and that's the problem. The trying. Real influencers are just influencers... it's who they are now.

So, this tells me more personal work needs to be done and many aren't ready yet. It's a long painful road to sort yourself out in the public eye, just ask any celebrity.

One answer might be to take an honest look at yourself and ask if you are ready or do you need to go back behind the curtain and work on yourself and your craft.
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yesterday by lwhlihu
What An Instagram Influencer Spends Her Ad Salary On
Today, we're talking to a former Bachelor contestant turned full-time influencer who visited the auto body shop.
The ad: “The last ad I did was an Instagram Stories campaign for an online resale site. It was about five to seven Story posts.”
Paycheck: $4,000
Time involved: "About 15 minutes."
Getting the deal: "I have an agent who handles my brand collaborations, and I've done some of the deals on my own. You get the hang of it pretty quickly. It helps to talk to bloggers and other influencers. My agent has a general formula you can use based on your engagement to figure out how much you’re worth."
External costs: "One of my friends is a professional photographer, but we’re pretty good friends. Anytime I have an ad post that I need a professional photo for I just throw him $150, and he’ll come over and take a couple of pictures and edit them for me. My agent generally takes 15% but sometimes that’s built into the deal, which it was for this ad."
How I spent the money: “I did a lot of body shop repair on my car. My bumper had been falling off because I hit a bear — that’s a whole other weird story — and the suspension on my car was messed up, so basically I did a whole car makeover with that money. I think it all ended up coming out to $3,800.
“It was something I had been waiting to do for awhile, until I could afford it. After doing Instagram advertising, I’m pretty good with rent, so it was time to get some of these sort of chores done.”
Usual rate for Stories: “It just depends on the brand and what they’re asking from me. With bigger brands like the resale site, they have really exact specifications of how many slides, what hashtags you have to use, and how you have to include a swipe-up and specific directives of what you have to say for the ads. Those generally pay more — $3,000 to $4,000.
“Sometimes I’ll do things with smaller brands, like swimsuit brands, for as little as $1,500 because they’re a little bit more natural and authentic, and they don’t necessarily have as many posting requirements.”
Usual rate for profile posts: "Again, it just depends on the brand. I’m doing a post for a small jewelry company but the only thing they asked me to do is mention their brand really naturally. 'Since everyone is gonna ask, this necklace is from blah-blah-blah.' That one I’ll be doing for $3,000, which is significantly less than normal. Whereas if I do a profile post and a Story for a brand similar to the resale site, I’ll charge $9,000."
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5 days ago by lwhlihu
54% Of Women Around The World Have Purchased A Product After Seeing It In An Post.
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6 days ago by mandigital
EMAIL - How to Come Up with A Good Article Idea (In Less Than 60 Seconds)
What's Common Knowledge to You is MAGIC to Your Clients
We see article after article covering literally every topic imaginable, and giving away all the best advice to help someone -- everyone -- achieve their fitness goals.

But Your Clients Are NOT Fitness Pros!

And just as you haven't seen any of the 737 million articles covering how to come up with good article ideas, your potential online clients haven't seen any (or many) of these fitness articles telling them exactly what they need to do.

But just because it's been said doesn't mean it's been read.

And the fact of the matter is you have your own audience, your own clients, and your own potential "reach" to give people information they, otherwise, will NEVER know exists.

You Want to Know the Best Way to Come Up with Good Article Ideas?

Listen to what your clients/family/friends are asking and give them the answers in a well written article.

Don't worry about what other fitness professionals say -- who gives a fuck what they think, anyway? -- just write high quality content that you know will help people achieve their goals.

It doesn't matter if it's been written about millions of times. Because it's NEVER been written in your voice and it's NEVER been written to your own audience.

And, trust me, you have your own audience. You might not realize it yet but I promise you do.

My Go-To Article Generation Strategy

Every time someone asks me a fitness-related question I immediately text it to myself.


If I ever see you in-person and you check my phone, you'll find hundreds of text messages to myself with article ideas and titles.

That way, anytime I'm 'hurting' for a topic all I need to do is check my text messages and I'll have a brand new idea in less than 60 seconds.
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10 days ago by lwhlihu
54% Of Women Around The World Have Purchased A Product After Seeing It In An Post.
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19 days ago by mandigital

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