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Extensive Data Shows Punishing Reach of Racism for Black Boys - The New York Times
A study of 20 million children shows the fragility of the American Dream.
yesterday by jellis
Extensive Data Shows Punishing Reach of Racism for Black Boys - The New York Times
--The original Chetty et al paper and their executive summary of the projects mention no racism or sexism. The NYTimes article contains copious amounts of morally colored terms and narratives that does disservice to the solid work it claims to popularize. Both the original article and the summary contain mention *causal effects* exactly once while this article runs wild with causal claims. Avoid reading the article but don't be surprised if you encounter a _human centipede_ version of the original work in your inbox, your social media, at home and everywhere else.

I recommend the executive summary
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2 days ago by rvenkat
Talent, luck and success: simulating meritocracy and inequality with stochasticity
I remember when I was fresh out of academia, looking for industry jobs to work as a data scientist. Some of my friends in a situation like mine got a job easily. That was not my case. It took me a…
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2 days ago by geetarista
What Role for Antitrust in the Era of Rising Inequality? The Importance of Power in Supply Chains -
Recently, there’s been a resurgence of interest in antitrust law as a remedy to rising inequality, on the grounds that high corporate profits may be caused by anti-competitive behavior that is only permissible under the more relaxed antitrust standards of recent decades, compared with the previous era of lower tail inequality, concentration indices, and corporate profits. Daniel Crane wrote a paper objecting to this idea in expansive terms, and it’s fair to say the consensus among expert antitrust practitioners is that the tools of antitrust law are ill-suited to the problem of rising inequality. From this perspective, inequality is a social problem—if it is one—that exists outside the question of whether markets are functioning properly to consumers’ benefit, which is the sole concern of antitrust regulators, the judiciary, and of the body of law they enforce and interpret. But a look at some of the root causes of rising inequality belies this clear delineation and shows that concentration of market power in supply chains is in fact a core contributing factor that antitrust law was originally designed to remedy and reverse.
Consider the outsourcing of labor, a strategy to make firms more profitable for their owners and managers by pushing workers outside the walls of “lead firms.” David Weil wrote about this in his book The Fissured Workplace, and Alan Krueger and Lawrence Katz documented the sharp rise in the share of the workforce that labors in what they call “alternative work arrangements,” namely as temps, contractors, freelancers, and so on, has increased from 10.1 to 15.8 percent of the workforce over just the past 10 years. A recently revised study of interfirm inequality by Song, Price, Guvenen, Bloom, and von Wachter concludes that segregation of workers into low-wage and high-wage firms—and not productivity heterogeneity at the firm level—accounts for the bulk of rising inter-personal labor income inequality. Together, these studies imply that a major factor in rising inequality is indeed that power in supply chains has concentrated, because workers are increasingly being pushed into subordinated upstream firms.
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4 days ago by Vaguery
The Ignoble Lie by Patrick J. Deneen | Articles | First Things
Plato intends us to understand the myth ­differently. Unlike Marx, he did not believe that the members of the lower class would be unlikely to know their own interests. The underclass is likely to accept the myth because they realize it works to their advantage. Its members are keenly aware of the fact of inequality. That part of the “lie” hardly seems false to them. What is novel, and what works to their advantage, is the idea that inequalities exist for the benefit of the underclass as well as the rulers. That is, members with noble metals in their souls are to undertake their work for the benefit of everyone, including those whose souls are marked by base metals. By contrast, members of the ruling class are likely to disbelieve the myth out of self-interest. They balk at the claim that every person, regardless of rank, belongs to the same family. They do not want the advantages that might solely benefit their class to be employed for the benefit of the whole.
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5 days ago by altoii
Income Inequality: Why Christians Should Take a Closer Look
The index that is often used to determine income inequality in a country (the Gini coefficient) is limited in its ability to truly measure human flourishing.
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7 days ago by dwight

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