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The Death of a Once Great City | Harper's Magazine
“It is approaching a state where it is no longer a significant cultural entity but the world’s largest gated community, with a few cupcake shops here and there.”
NYC  Housing  Inequality  Urbanism 
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The Death of a Once Great City | Harper's Magazine
He came back anyway and lay down in the middle of the street one afternoon—a small Irish-Latino man, in his perpetual baseball cap and scraggly beard, insisting in his gravelly, whiskey-soaked voice that they should just go ahead and run him over. Artie and James, our constant eyes on the street, who spend much of their time sitting out on the stoop trying to convince me that the Mets are a major-league ball team, waved off the traffic and persuaded him to get up out of the street. Forgiven by the super, Raymond now comes back to sit on the stoop with his old friends, a living ghost haunting the block where he was born.[…]

The new rich infesting the city, by contrast, are barely here. They keep a low profile, often for good reason, and rarely stick around. They manufacture nothing and run nothing, for the most part, but live off fortunes either made by or purloined from other people—sometimes from entire nations. The New Yorker noted in 2016 that there is now a huge swath of Midtown Manhattan, from Fifth Avenue to Park Avenue, from 49th Street to 70th Street, where almost one apartment in three sits empty for at least ten months a year.
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Opinion | The Charts That Show How Big Business Is Winning - The New York Times
“Since the modern merger era began in the 1980s, corporate profits have surged, while family incomes have stagnated and income inequality has increased.”
Corporations  Mergers  Monopoly  Consolidation  Wages  Employment  Inequality 
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The Death of a Once Great City | Harper's Magazine
As New York enters the third decade of the twenty-first century, it is in imminent danger of becoming something it has never been before: unremarkable. It is approaching a state where it is no longer a significant cultural entity but the world’s largest gated community, with a few cupcake shops here and there. For the first time in its history, New York is, well, boring.

This is not some new phenomenon but a cancer that’s been metastasizing on the city for decades now. And what’s happening to New York now—what’s already happened to most of Manhattan, its core—is happening in every affluent American city. San Francisco is overrun by tech conjurers who are rapidly annihilating its remarkable diversity; they swarm in and out of the metropolis in specially chartered buses to work in Silicon Valley, using the city itself as a gigantic bed-and-breakfast. Boston, which used to be a city of a thousand nooks and crannies, back-alley restaurants and shops, dive bars and ice cream parlors hidden under its elevated, is now one long, monotonous wall of modern skyscraper. In Washington, an army of cranes has transformed the city in recent years, smoothing out all that
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In Pilsen, Churches Are More Than Sunday Mass — And Their Closures Are ‘Devastating’ – Block Club Chicago
On the closing of churches and consolidation of parishes in Pilsen, with a focus on the larger impact on the community. Emphasizes the role of churches and centers for community activities and organizing, which are lost when services end.
pilsen  gentrification  urban  cities  inequality  power_in_city 
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Gentrification Explained | Urban Displacement Project
A good, brief video explaining gentrification, including some of the background policies like redlining.
gentrification  housing  urban  development  race  economics  cities  inequality 
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Genetic Attributions: Sign of Intolerance or Acceptance? | The Journal of Politics: Ahead of Print
> Many scholars argue that people who attribute human characteristics to genetic causes also tend to hold politically and socially problematic attitudes. More specifically, public acceptance of genetic influences is believed to be associated with intolerance, prejudice, and the legitimation of social inequities and laissez-faire policies. We test these expectations with original data from two nationally representative samples that allow us to identify the American public’s attributional patterns across 18 diverse traits. Key findings are (1) genetic attributions are actually more likely to be made by liberals, not conservatives; (2) genetic attributions are associated with higher, not lower, levels of tolerance of vulnerable individuals; and (3) genetic attributions do not correlate with unseemly racial attitudes.
genetics  politics  inequality 
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There’s an Epidemic of Discrimination Against Pregnant Women at Work - The New York Times
Several cases, representing a range of different experiences, of women facing pregnancy discrimination on the job.
gender  sex  women  women_and_politics  pregnancy  labor  work  inequality  PSC_217 
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