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How to Make Your Own Vertical Herb Garden | Survival Life
Another great diy vertical garden concept using rope and wood planks to suspend clay pots, allowing them to drain into each other. Also would support lighting on the under-side of each board
diy  vertical  gardening  indoor 
4 weeks ago by Tknvbe
The Bird and Her Song - Indoor Hanging Herb Garden
Very simple and inexpensive window garden by suspending pots on curtain rods.
diy  virtical  gardening  wallgarden  indoor 
4 weeks ago by Tknvbe
Plants On Walls | Florafelt Living Wall Systems | Vertical Garden Guides
Florafelt horticulture fabric is incredibly tough and will not decay. Our patented pleated pocket living wall systems are an elegant solution for establishing lush green spaces anywhere, from homes and workplaces to entire facades.
virtical  gardening  indoor  livingwall 
4 weeks ago by Tknvbe
Toll2Move - Lasertag > Bubble Soccer > Indoor Soccer > Archery Tag
Bei TOLL2MOVE erwartet euch auf einer riesigen Fläche ein breit gefächertes Angebot an Indoor-Freizeitaktivitäten: Lasertag, Bubble Soccer, Indoor Soccer, Archery Tag.
indoor  kinder  freizeit 
7 weeks ago by schiko

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