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Indonesia's IDN Media foray into e-sports by acquiring GGWP.ID
GGWP.ID is a multi-platform e-sports company which was created with a vision to make 'e-sports for everyone'
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Sumatra Orang Utan Treks
Recommended by Currently Hannah on Youtube
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Indonesian digital payment startup Kredivo secures financing from Telkomsel's VC arm, MDI Ventures
Kredivo provides different options of payment methods and terms to help customers break large payments into monthly, affordable, and safer payments
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9 days ago by JINYONG86
“印尼满帮” Ritase 获850万美元 A 轮融资,希望成为货运平台的超级应用_36氪
Ritase  logistic  indonesia  kargo 
9 days ago by JINYONG86
Grasberg Mine, Tembagapura, Indonesia
The Grasberg Mine is a vast open pit mine in Papua, Indonesia, forming a crater an entire mile wide. For years it has been one of the most productive mines in the world, with massive reserves of gold and copper. Situated high in the rugged Sudirman Mountains near two rare equatorial mountain glaciers, it is also the world’s highest quarry, some 14,000 feet above sea level.
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11 days ago by terry
Langkat, fire in an illegal factory leaves 30 dead. Two arrests
Jakarta (AsiaNews) - Two people are under investigation by the authorities for a deadly fire in an illegal lighter factory in the province of North Sumatera (east of Jakarta), which killed 30 people including 24 women and 6 children.  The tragedy took place yesterday in Sambirejo, a village in the regency of Langkat, about 70km west of the provincial capital Medan. 

Gen.  Agus Andrianto, head of the provincial police, reported today that a man and a woman - identified as the owner and director of the illegal laboratory - are currently in a state of detention.

The flames broke out when a worker was checking the operation of a product.  This exploded and the worker, in a panic, threw it on thousands of ready-to-pack lighters, triggering a massive explosion.  The fire spread quickly, because most of the building structure was made of wood.

The victims trapped inside could not escape because the main door was locked.  Binsar Naibaho, head of the local police, says: "Windows and entrances were walled up.  We couldn't even see what had happened inside the factory. "  Four people were saved because they were on their lunch break and they witnessed the drama from outside.
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23 days ago by dchas
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