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The Connaisseur of Pain
Within minutes of our first meeting, and more or less in response to my saying good morning, Justin Schmidt began lamenting our culture’s lack of insect-based rites of passage. He told me about the Sateré-Mawé people in northwestern Brazil, who hold a ceremony in which young men slip their hands into large mitts filled with bullet ants, whose stings are so agonizing they can cause temporary paralysis; when initiates pass the test, they’re one step closer to becoming full members of society.
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17 days ago by iago
Voltairine de Cleyre: American Radical
She was writing poetry at six. At nineteen, she was writing and lecturing on Free Thought, the philosophical idea that truth should be based on reason and empiricism rather than authority and dogma.
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Michael Graziano
American scientist and novelist. His scientific research focuses on the brain basis of awareness. He has proposed the "attention schema" theory, an explanation of how, and for what adaptive advantage, brains attribute the property of awareness to themselves.
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Getting Started
A single access point for data on the web. Datafiniti lets you search for and download relevant data sets for products, businesses, and properties listed online.
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8 weeks ago by kpieper876
Politblogo: Concrete vs. abstract individualism
A few of you may know that I have lately been reading China Miéville's New Crobuzon series of socialist steampunk fantasy. I have, however been reading them in the wrong order, reading THE SCAR and Iron Council before the original...
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