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4 days ago by jshhnn
Galiwin'ku library closes book on the Dewey Decimal System to prioritise Yolngu culture - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
To many bookworms, the organisation of books in a library might seem like a trivial fact of little to no consequence.

But in the small East Arnhem Land community of Galiwin'ku, the re-organisation of library books according to local Indigenous concepts has been hailed as a quiet revolution....

It has a small collection of non-fiction, but employees believed its organisation based on the Dewey Decimal System may have been creating more work than it was worth.

"It never seemed to make sense when I was visiting here," said Carol Stableford, who looks after libraries run by the East Arnhem Regional Council....

"When I talked to the community library officers, they explained to me that the concepts of fiction and non-fiction were largely absent in their community's culture," she said.

Developed by the Northern Territory Library and East Arnhem Regional Council, in consultation with the local community, the culturally-sensitive method is expected to promote reading and improve people's connection to their local library.

It effectively closes the book on the Dewey Decimal System — a globally-used library classification system that groups reference books according to their relation to a broader subject, such as technology....

The new program is believed to be the first of its kind in Australia.

The books have been organised according to key cultural aspects of Yolngu life and are categorised in language.
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7 days ago by shannon_mattern
Laha Mebow is a director of heritage. Her 2016 feature "Hang In There, Kids!" was…
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