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GDC Vault - Failing to Fail: The Spiderweb Software Way
My favorite curmudgeonly developer Jeff Vogel of Spiderweb Software talks at GDC about the near-quarter-century he's been professionally developing and selling games. He offers a very useful perspective focused on long-term sustainability and how to succeed while staying small.
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april 2018 by docprof
The PA Report - Going broke with success: how an app with 200,000 downloads led to developer homelessness
Wohlwend defended the idea of the in-app purchase when I asked about simply selling the game for a set price. “Something like 20 of the top 25 grossing games on iOS are free with IAPs. And for the most part, those IAPs are all pretty gross in a kind of predatory way,” he said. “The #1 grossing app right now is called DragonVale. I just downloaded it last night. It makes me sick to my stomach as it so transparently preys on the weaknesses like addiction and compulsion.”

You can work, create a good game, and a few issues with your monetization strategy can hinder your ability to make money from your hit game. “Indies give up a lot to do what they do. At the height of my career/affluence with Solipskier being the hit that it was, I made around $4.50 per hour,” Wohlwend said.
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august 2012 by hellsten
Golden % Braeburn
Complete solution for in-app purchases/licensing/registration. End-developer just supplies an Internet-visible Mac server, a PayPal PayFlowPro account. Includes in-app storefont code, server code, expo store (credit-card swipe to printed license), remote client to lookup and generate licenses (for on-the-road support), dump transactions to QuickBooks files for accounting. Other non-store benefits: localization software (DMLocalizedNibBundle), AppleScript integration framework, plus access to continued development versions of all the included software. Cost: 5% of sales done through the software (i.e. not exclusive).
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october 2009 by chris_johnsen

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