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Amazon, to Win in Booming Rural India, Reinvents Itself - WSJ Inc. is building a logistics network from scratch to target customers in India’s rural backwaters—the home of more than 800 million people, many of whom have little access to retailers. Most are new to online shopping and often don’t have smartphones, credit cards or even delivery addresses.
amazon  india  retail  ecommerce 
12 hours ago by dancall
Success story of Village Food Factory You Tube Channel
Gopinath is happy not just with his earnings that is growing by the day, but also the fact that his father Arumugam has now become ‘famous’.
internet  media  food  india  video 
18 hours ago by soobrosa
How Britain stole $45 trillion from India | Colonialism | Al Jazeera
After the British Raj took over in 1858, colonisers added a special new twist to the tax-and-buy system. As the East India Company's monopoly broke down, Indian producers were allowed to export their goods directly to other countries. But Britain made sure that the payments for those goods nonetheless ended up in London. 

How did this work? Basically, anyone who want
history  India 
yesterday by paulantoine
The Man in Seat Sixty-One - the train travel guide...
Travel guides and information on trains in Europe and around the world.
travel  train  europe  india 
yesterday by jefframnani
@NICMeity I just used, are you interested in a full bug report?

— Eric van Wijk (@geekzter) January 14, 2019

@NICMeity I just used, are you interested in a full bug report?
india  twitter  social  travel  web 
yesterday by geekzter
Fountain Pen Revolution
Affordable fountain pens from India.
pens  shopping  india 
2 days ago by jefframnani
She Wanted to See Her Boyfriend. She May Have Been Beheaded for It. - The New York Times
The 16-year-old girl had simply decided to go to her boyfriend’s birthday party. A week later, her body was found along a highway, her head and one of her arms chopped off. Her face may have been burned with acid.

In her small town in eastern India, it is forbidden for a teenage girl to date, and the police believe the girl’s father arranged for her to be killed — supposedly to protect the family’s honor.
india  1 
2 days ago by noiseguy
The internet, but not as we know it: life online in China, Russia, Cuba and India | Technology | The Guardian
More than half of the world's population is now online, but that does not mean we all see the same thing. From being filtered by the government to being delivered by post, the internet can vary enormously depending on where you live. Here are four illustrated examples
internet  china  russia  cuba  india  guardian 
2 days ago by jorgebarba
India Finally Has Plan to Fight Air Pollution. Environmentalists Are Wary. - The New York Times
India has nine of the world’s 10 most polluted cities, according to one World Health Organization measure, with choking urban smog that researchers estimate killed 1.24 million people in 2017.
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3 days ago by noiseguy

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