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Hicky's Bengal gazette, or The original Calcutta general advertiser (Calcutta)
Hicky's Bengal gazette, or The original Calcutta general advertiser; Heidelberg University Library (
newspaper  gazette  english  language  news  history  reference  calcutta  bengal  india  university  research  heidelberg  baden-württemberg  germany 
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Review: Hicky’s Bengal Gazette; The Untold Story of India’s First Newspaper by Andrew Otis | books | reviews | Hindustan Times
Andrew Otis’ book on Hicky’s Bengal Gazette, India’s first newspaper, fuses the biography of its remarkable editor with the biography of his time.
books  newspaper  gazette  english  language  news  history  reference  calcutta  bengal  india 
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How WhatsApp Destroyed A Village
In July, residents of a rural Indian town saw rumors of child kidnappers on WhatsApp. Then they beat five strangers to death.
india  culture  media  hoax  meme  internet  murder 
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