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Draw Ukulele or Guitar Chord Charts With InDesign
This is handy if you want to play the songs a little bit lower or higher, or if you want to print baritone ukulele charts instead of soprano ukulele charts, because baritone ukuleles have a different tuning.

The script is well documented, and should be open to enhancements and tweaks by a moderately experienced scripter.
indesign  indesign-script  music  scripts 
yesterday by scribblenik
Split Text Extension for InDesign
This extension is useful if you’d like to break apart text in order to quickly create buttons, animated sequences, or simply separate blocks of text that can be individually positioned.
indesign  indesign-script  plugin  application-resources 
6 days ago by scribblenik
Execute multiple Find/change queries at a click of a button!
adobe  indesign  indesign-script 
13 days ago by scribblenik
Sizing Tables With a Script
Free script sets table properties that cannot be controlled by InDesign table styles, including table width and row height.
indesign  indesign-script  tables 
19 days ago by scribblenik
Copy and Paste with Minimal Formatting
indesign  indesign-script  script 
21 days ago by scribblenik
Humane Type on Behance
An InDesign tool that makes text look more organic
indesign  indesign-script  tool  application-resources 
21 days ago by scribblenik
the killer is out now for €44! one thing: you can use pixel/ve…
indesign  AffinityPublisher  from twitter_favs
25 days ago by shawnday
Is there way to increase/decrease font size by 1 point at a time? - InDesignSecrets : InDesignSecrets
Increment/Decrement font size shortcut: Command+Shift+> or <

Edit > Preferences > Units & Increments > Keyboard Increments > Size/Leading
indesign  tips 
27 days ago by kpossibles
InDesign - Split Images That Span Across Two Pages
You’ve placed an image so it spans across a two-page spread, and your printer tells you to split it. That is, they want you to break the image into two — one graphic on each page. This isn’t hard to do, but it takes a bit of time, and if you had to do a lot of them it would get boring quickly. So I’m going to tell you about a script that does it for you.
indesign  indesign-script  application-resources 
4 weeks ago by scribblenik
text - In InDesign is it possible to find and change uppercase to lowercase? - Graphic Design Stack Exchange

Is there a way to find and change uppercase letters of a certain character style and change them to lowercase within InDesign?
indesign  search  find  replace  upeprcase  case  conversion 
5 weeks ago by kaibernau
Adobe InDesign - Using the Links Panel and Editing Artwork
Higher Education Knowledge Base content management, sharing and collaboration platform.
5 weeks ago by pgeurin

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