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The Daily Northwestern Apologizes to Student Protesters for Reporting
The column sparked immediate criticism, much of it from journalists on social media who argued that taking photographs of people in public places and reaching out to ask for interviews is part of the job.

“Being a journalist requires empathy, but this ain’t it,” Gregory Pratt of The Chicago Tribune wrote on Twitter on Monday.
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6 days ago by paulbradshaw
Independence working on 'Truman Connected' bike path public input requested | KSHB
The project is called Truman Connected because the roughly 8-mile long trail will connect the Truman Library with the Truman Sports Complex. The pathway will makes stops at Independence Square and the Englewood Arts District too.

City councilman John Perkins expects the trail to be mostly off road, but incorporate some bike lanes on regular streets too. He said the city has set aside a little more than $10 million for the project. Just under half of that total comes from a federal grant.

MoBikeFed comment: One reason we and many allies across Missouri have worked to bring the Katy/Rock Island trail system to the Kansas City area is we knew it would stimulate every community in the area to connect their trail system to the Rock Island/Katy system.

Here is Independence working on that important project.

The city held its most recent meeting Oct 22nd, 2019, but you can still give your feedback on the project by contact Indpendence city officials:

"The planning process for Truman Connected began this spring and will continue through winter 2020. It will move the transportation recommendations of the City’s existing plans and policies, such as the US-24 Highway Corridor Study and 40 Highway Corridor and Focus Area Plan, forward. It will also provide detailed information that City staff, elected officials, and community members may use as they pursue funding for design and construction of recommended pedestrian, bicycle, transit, and vehicular improvements.

For more information about Truman Connected, please contact Kati Horner Gonzalez, City Engineer, at 816-325-6217 or You may also contact Meg Lewis, Public Information Officer, at 816-325-7056 or"

What is your city doing to connect to the statewide Katy/Rock Island trail system?
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23 days ago by mobikefed

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