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WES is a static code analyzer for web applications that doesn’t take the traditional approach of showing where problems may exist in our code. Rather WES simply pulls all of the endpoints, parameters, templates, methods, and line numbers for each, right out of the source code. These results can then be used to feed a dynamic scanner as a site map of the application.
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september 2018 by stephan.poetschner
Americans Want to Believe Jobs Are the Solution to Poverty. They’re Not. - The New York Times
These days, we’re told that the American economy is strong. Unemployment is down, the Dow Jones industrial average is north of 25,000 and millions of jobs are going unfilled. But for people like Vanessa, the question is not, Can I land a job? (The answer is almost certainly, Yes, you can.) Instead the question is, What kinds of jobs are available to people without much education? By and large, the answer is: jobs that do not pay enough to live on.

In recent decades, the nation’s tremendous economic growth has not led to broad social uplift. Economists call it the “productivity-pay gap” — the fact that over the last 40 years, the economy has expanded and corporate profits have risen, but real wages have remained flat for workers without a college education. Since 1973, American productivity has increased by 77 percent, while hourly pay has grown by only 12 percent. If the federal minimum wage tracked productivity, it would be more than $20 an hour, not today’s poverty wage of $7.25.
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september 2018 by kevnull
Cedars Sinai Ranked as No 1 Workplace by Indeed
Cedars-Sinai has been rated California's top hospital for employees, and one of the top 10 in the country by
cedars  indeed  ranked 
august 2018 by TMP
GitHub - grubbins2/IndeedJobScraperAndTFIDF: Scrape job descriptions from, build term frequency–inverse document frequency vectors for all words in corpus and compare salience of different terms across descriptions.
Scrape job descriptions from, build term frequency–inverse document frequency vectors for all words in corpus and compare salience of different terms across descriptions.
indeed  job  scraper 
august 2018 by stevecooks

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